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Another Successful Summer Ball

Jun 20 2006 15:21
William the Conquerer
This year's summer ball was another success, managing to turn a small profit again.
The carousel proved to be a popular attraction

Just shy of 1300 people attended the ICU Summer Ball on Saturday evening, with the event more than breaking even for the second year in a row.

Entertainments included a flashing dance floor, shisha booths, poker tables, a fire-breathing horse and some dancing girls. Around 250 people made it to the survivors photo at 4:30am, after 400 or so had enjoyed breakfast in the marquee a couple of hours before.

Sponsorship for the event ran to £6,000, provided by Shell (3,000), Recruitment Revolutions (1,000), IC Finance Society (1,000), Moss Bros (500) and NatWest (500), who had their logos projected onto the Queen's Tower throughout the evening.

Photographs by the professional photographer, including the survivors photo, will be made available to buy via the Union website, once someone figures out how to do it.

After financially disastrous balls in the past, perhaps the winning formula has finally been found. One question still remains though - 1300 people is only 10-15% of Imperial students. What about the rest?

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Discussion about “Another Successful Summer Ball”

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Jun 20 2006 19:41

Was this year's Ball subsidised by college...?

2. Bob   
Jun 20 2006 20:02

Yes. They supplied somewhere in the region of £20k this year.

Glad to hear that those 1300 students enjoyed a subsidy of over £15 a head!

Jun 20 2006 23:06

Any idea of a timeframe for the photos? I keep checking, like every few hours, and theres only eight there

Jun 21 2006 00:01

I still think I had more fun in Wales...

Jun 21 2006 00:14

"After financially disastrous balls in the past, perhaps the winning formula has finally been found."

Far be it for me to be a cynic, but perhaps the winning formula is to have a subsidy to absorb up to £20k of loss before you get started...

Jun 21 2006 00:28

I had a great time :)

to original article: the summer ball would not have worked with 7500 students there at once (or even double the amount I think)

Jun 21 2006 08:49

Oliver - haven't previous balls lost money even with a subsidy? (2002?)

Jun 21 2006 09:31

Yes, though losses with the subsidy have tended to be smaller. The link in the article however is to 2004 when the Union President declined to accept a subsidy from the college for the Ball for moral reasons (that the money should be spent on something that benefits students' education such as 24 hour library opening) - although the moral high ground wasn't held for long if memory serves, since the subsidy was back the next year...

Jun 21 2006 10:13

It seems we have 24 hour library opening *and* a subsidy...

The subsidy seems to be taken for granted, but I guess having a successful ball is in the best interests of the College these days.

Jun 21 2006 11:59
Jun 22 2006 12:01

As of yesterday there was a significant quantity of ball related equipment left unreturned and still acruing increased hire/removal charges around campus.

Also my sources indicate 300 people less attended the ball than were targeted for in the ticketing budget.

I find it difficult to understand how any mention of 'profit' can be made in such circumstances.

Jun 22 2006 13:34

The information Tim gave to me was that after all costs had been taken into account, the break-even point was 1200 people - 1300 attended.

As I understand it, the equipment still about the place is supposed to be used for the summer carnival events this week.

13. Cap   
Jun 22 2006 13:47

ah yes, the summer '3 day' carnival which is seeing 'all the speakers, lights and lasers packed into the quad for one large 3 day event'. Wasn't that meant to start yesterday?

I must have been really drunk if there was so little stuff at the ball...

Jun 22 2006 14:00

Any idea when the other photos will appear on the union website. Apart from the survivors there are only another eight

Jun 22 2006 15:55

Message from Tim today- "...keep an eye on the Union website in the next 1-2 weeks when I'll have all the pictures uploaded there for you guys to download in high resolution".

Jun 22 2006 19:35

Thanks Nichola

17. Cap   
Jun 23 2006 13:58

finally there is music in the Quad, only two days later than expected by anyone who read the events listings on the new website....

Jun 23 2006 15:08
Jun 26 2006 01:29

I thought both the ball and the carnival were a success

20. :-)   
Jun 26 2006 09:49

Come on, I think we all know enough about the speed of union finances to know that the final invoices could not have been in and dealt with as soon as this article claimed a profit! So whether the ball and the carnival were a success in terms of emjoyment or not, there's absloutely no way they can know if it was financially successful yet.

Also I think the carnival was rubbish - three days of lights and lasers? Where? I saw one day with a few lights!

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