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Portacabin Plans Return

Jun 26 2006 19:15
Ashley Brown
A new application for temporary buildings has been submitted to Westminster Council, this time avoiding the Queen's Lawn.
Portacabins are proposed for the area behind the Queen's Tower, next to the side of Civ Eng

College has sought permission for temporary buildings in two areas as part of their refurbishment plan, with a new location taking place of the Queen's Lawn as a potential site.

College's intention to submit new plans for temporary buildings was clearly stated when they withdrew their original proposal, which caused concern they might submit a controversial plan while fewer people were around over the summer. The re-submission has appeared as expected, but with no loss of green spaces this time.

The new plans retain a multi-storey building in the car park next to Skempton, but move the others to the Roderic Hill/ACE area. The buildings are intended to remain for 2 years whilst a variety of refurbishment work takes place, however College building projects have a tendency to over-run.

During Freshers Fair the area beside Skempton is often used for the Fire Brigade chip-pan demonstration, so the building there may be warmer than normal at times.

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Discussion about “Portacabin Plans Return”

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Jun 27 2006 17:41

The sites are prioritised with the area by Skempton the lowest priority, Portakabins on the hardstanding next to Roderic Hill and ACE will be used first, provided permission is granted, and then the Skempton site will be taken up if needed although it is possible that it may not be necessary.

Congratulations should go to all who so vocally objected to the original application. The planning officer commented that he had received "hundreds of objections" to the original plans from students and more than 150 people seconding a paper to Union Council formally opposing the development made it abundantly clear to College that the Queen's Lawn was highly valued by students. Now if only it could be re-turfed...

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