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This Year's Lord Mayor's Show Set to be "Outstanding"

Jul 12 2006 19:19
CGCU are planning not one, but two floats this year.
Last Year's Float

This November, CGCU will again be entering The Lord Mayor's Show on 11th November. Initial ideas for the float suggest a celebration of Imperial College Centenary, with an engineering focus. The Centenary coincides with this coming academic year (2006-2007).

The Faculty of Engineering have agreed to foot the bill of entry to the show, a sum of about ?4,500. Richard Martin, The Deputy Faculty Operating Officer, told CGCU that the faculty is "very pleased to be providing support to its student union", and commended the "huge efforts" the students put into the float's success each year.

Buy one, get one half price

That's not all however; the plan this year is, once the float has been built and used in the Lord Mayor's Show, for it to be dismantled and stored before being used again in the London New Year's Day Parade, a cross-faculty event as a celebration of Imperial College's hundreth year. Richard Martin expressed the Faculty's hope that "this year's entry will be really outstanding and help to kick off the Centenary celebrations in style". This is the first time a float will be entered into two events in one year.

Anyone can get involved

The CGCU have put out a call for participation in both parades, as well as for skilled hands to help construct it. For the New Year's Day Parade they are looking for Jugglers, skaters and other showmen, as well as a host of people to accompany the float on the day. It's not just for engineers, and the people are what really make the show on the day.

If you'd like to get involved, drop an email to .

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Discussion about “This Year's Lord Mayor's Show Set to be "Outstanding"”

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Oct 08 2006 16:23

honestly, who cares abt the lord mayors show? y does the faculty fork out $$ for a handful of geeks entering a show that nobody watches anyways instead of using it for somethin useful like improving the c**p teaching in some of the engineering depts? and what justifies these few students getting so much benefit? theres more ppl interested in the cheese society than this show and they hv a hard time getting funding...

Oct 08 2006 18:16

Who cares/nobody watches:

  • As many as 500,000 people turn out to watch the LMS
  • A couple of million watch it on the BBC
  • Many millions more watch it around the world
  • The City is a very rich, very important place

Why does the Faculty pay £££:

  • Because the handful of geeks put across a good case for it
  • It doesn't come out of the teaching budget
  • It's a centenary theme
  • Most years its externally sponsored, but College opted to sponsor it this year for the Centenary
  • It's all PR

What justifies these few students getting so much benefit:

  • They get off their a**es and do something, unlike a lot of students
  • Getting students to enter the show is much cheaper than doing it themselves
  • Except for the entry fee, a lot of the costs incurred will be on items which are re-usable throughout the centenary year

More people interested in the cheese society:

  • The Union does not subsidise food so there's not a lot the cheese society can have a budget for
  • Cheese society will not reach millions of people
  • The Lord Mayor's Show entry takes no subsidy from the Union
  • Cheese society are welcome to ask College directly for some money
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