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Democratic Principles Campaign Launched

Jul 17 2006 13:18
William the Conquerer
ICU has launched a petition against the rejection of democratically-chosen names for faculty unions by College Council.
You've already decided which, but will College listen?

College appear to have picked the wrong time of year to reject changes to the ICU constitution, with the sabbatical team currently double the size during the handover period.

In an email circulated this afternoon, signed by both incoming and outgoing Union presidents, ICU announced the launch of an online petition calling on College Council to "accept the democratic will of Imperial College students". The petition describes the decision to reject the names CGCU, RCSU and ICSMSU as "petty, misguided and autocratic". Facebook addicts can also join a Facebook group set up to raise awareness of the issue.

Engineers, Scientists, Medics and even Miners (who are not affected) are showing their support for the restoration of the historic names, chosen by referenda with comparatively high turnouts.

College is believed to be turning a blind-eye to the continued use of the traditional names, for now at least, accepting that they will still be used by the majority of staff and students.

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Discussion about “Democratic Principles Campaign Launched”

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1. Sid   
Jul 17 2006 15:06

"Express our deep disappointment at the decision of the Council of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine on 14th July 2006 to reject a motion formally recognising the Faculty Student Associations of Imperial College by the titles chosen by students through referenda."

  • Do we stil call ourselves, "Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine"
2. Hack   
Jul 17 2006 15:51

Technically the College Council is still referred to by its long name:

3. Chris   
Jul 17 2006 16:03

Slightly worying that most of the people in C&G who signed the petition refer to their Constituent college as "Engineering"

4. Tris   
Jul 17 2006 18:05

That would be "Faculty or constituent college", Chris...

Jul 17 2006 18:33

You would need an act of parliament to change the name of the College to ICL, so the College is "The Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine" as laid down in the Royal Charter, last changed by the Imperial College Act 2000 (if I remember correctly).

6. Sid   
Jul 17 2006 18:36

I wrote Engineering - cause thats what I do

Jul 18 2006 07:57

It's slightly more worrying that lots of people have listed their Faculty/Constituent College as "Chemistry".

Jul 18 2006 12:20

The petition just hit 100 signatures!

Jul 18 2006 12:54

"It's slightly more worrying that lots of people have listed their Faculty/Constituent College as "Chemistry"."

Maybe they're old enough to have attended the Royal College of Chemistry - which is the real 'foundation stone' of Imperial....

Jul 18 2006 13:10

Perhaps - you'd have to fail a lot of years to attend the Royal College of Chemistry and not graduate until 2007.

11. Ruth   
Jul 18 2006 23:29

At least my fellow chemists are participating...

Jul 18 2006 23:39

Absolutely, they've got a fantastic turnout. As long as its not some secret breakaway scheme!

13. random   
Jul 24 2006 01:17

"ICU has launched a petition against the rejection of democratically-chosen names for faculty unions by College Council." Who in ICU commissioned this campaign? Was it Exec or Council? Or is it just some hacky ex FU president deciding it would be a great way to waste sabbatical's time?

Jul 24 2006 09:45

Both Exec and Council approved the constitutional ammendments to be taken to College Council, as such indicating that they wanted said ammendments passed by the College Council.

Before that, large numbers of those mythical beasts the 'random' students voted for those names in two referenda, thereby indicating that they, too, cared- and wanted a say- regarding the names of their faculty unions.

Oh, and almost 200 signatories on the online petition, and nearly 250 (and still growing) on Facebook- not bad for the summer holidays with no official publicity except one note on the union website.

If there's one thing our hacky ex-FU President understands, it's Demoncratic Mandates- after all, he himself got one of the strongest in living memory.

15. JJ   
Jul 30 2006 07:57

What about just saying in the constitution "There will be FUs" and then name them in policy which College doesn't approve?

I know - we can't back doen blah blah blah, but I don't think we'll ever get council to approve it.

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