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Formal UL Withdrawal Begins

Jul 19 2006 13:13
Ashley Brown
The first formal steps in the University of London pull-out began last week, with completion expected by July 2007.
A Different Photo of Senate House (Photo: C Ford)

At 1147 on Friday 14th July 2006, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine formally decided to withdraw from the University of London. An agreement with the University of London has been drawn up and a timetable laid out.

If all goes to plan, in October UL Council will meet to approve the withdrawal, with the Privy Council being approached to alter the College Charter during November. Imperial expects to be fully independent by its centenary on 8th July 2007.

Postgraduate students will be the first to enrol on Imperial degrees from October 2007, with Undergraduates remaining on UL degrees until 2008. Continuing students will have the option to transfer to an Imperial degree should they wish to.

Decisions on representation and sports leagues will be made throughout the coming year, with an NUS referendum on the cards. Some potentially heated Union Council meetings are expected next term as representation is discussed.

Some of the smaller London colleges are concerned at the Imperial pull-out, fearing it may lead to the total collapse of the federal University if other large colleges follow suit.

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Discussion about “Formal UL Withdrawal Begins”

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Jul 19 2006 21:11

It would be wise to point out that in all of this there remains the question of those Graduates with UL degrees. According to the UL Royal Charter, all those having been admitted to a Degree are considered to be members of the University. There is no such provision currently in the IC Royal Charter. Perhaps Sykes would like to elaborate on this issue.

Jul 20 2006 00:03

How many years ago did you graduate and leave imperial

Jul 20 2006 07:49

October 1 2005, after 4 years and 2 days at the pla ce, so currently only 293 days ago.

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