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Suspect Package Causes Evacuation

Jul 20 2006 15:18
Ashley Brown
Police were called to investigate a suspect package in the Huxley post room this afternoon.
There's a good reason suspect packages end up in Huxley...

Areas of College near the post room under Huxley building were evacuated shortly before 1pm today, after a package was "identified as suspicious" on an X-ray.

Felix is reporting that the package was addressed to Sir Richard Sykes, Rector of Imperial College. Police, fire engines, ambulances and specialist support units were all in attendance within 30 minutes, with everything appearing normal again by 2:30pm.

Residents of an office on level 4 of Huxley were not evacuated, indicating the affected area was limited to the immediate vicinity.

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Discussion about “Suspect Package Causes Evacuation”

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Jul 23 2006 17:34

Any updates?

Aug 02 2006 12:55

So what was in Sykes' box?

Heard somewhere it was 'The World's Scariest Police Chases IV' boxset - bought from an online retailer.

Aug 23 2006 10:07

The package contained a water testing kit including two vials, which looked suspicious under the x-ray.

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