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DPGS Away as Postgrads Toil

Aug 12 2006 20:57
Ronak Chitroda
More DPGS worries for the Union as the DPGS is away at a crucial time.
DPGS - Missing

As most Imperial undergraduates enjoy a well earned summer vacation, there are still a number of people frantically trying to meet their deadlines. The only people who are around during this time are the postgrads and it is the last month for MScs.

So what happens when these postgrads or MScs encounter problems? Of course the union has a designated Sabbatical Officer, the Deputy President (Graduate Students) to provide a helping hand. As the Union sabbaticals took over from the 1st of August, last year?s executive committee had allowed time off to the newly elected DPGS Shama Rahman so she could complete her course.

It was initially agreed that she would be in for two days a week, taking the other three off. It has now come to light that she will be completely off, until the beginning of September. Rahman also missed the very first executive committee meeting of the year. In fact, the Union website does not even include a photo as yet. This comes at a time when the need for the DPGS is the greatest as MSc students finish their final projects and could face problems of great importance to their degree.

The Union's problems with the DPGS position seem to have no end in sight...

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Discussion about “DPGS Away as Postgrads Toil”

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Aug 13 2006 13:45

In case any postgraduate readers out there are feeling stranded, your faculty reps are still around to help with any postrgad-specific concerns you might have. Contact details are on the GSA website: It still lists the outgoing officers but most of us are still around.

Taught postrgads from any faculty, feel free to drop me a line and I'll point you in the right direction.

Alternatively, for general or welfare issues, you can contact the Deputy President (Education and Welfare) in the union offices, or the Information and Advice Centre in the East Basement.

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