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New EPoS System for Beit Bars

Aug 23 2006 13:37
The Dark Knight
The Union is to spend £20k on a new EPoS system to improve efficiency.
A potential idea for the new system

On Tuesday the executive committee approved the investment of £20,000 in a new electronic point of sale system for the Union bars.

The new system should improve the performance of the bars, providing improved stock control and faster credit card processing. Bar staff will also no longer have to add up totals using mental arithmetic, increasing the speed of service and reducing waiting times.

An EPoS system was installed for use in the newsagent and shop in 2002 and all College outlets currently use EPoS for sales and stock tracking. College also provides discounts to staff and students on production of a valid swipe card.

Rumours of an ICU loyalty card, to be launched in conjuction with the new system, are believed to be the product of a deranged mind and nothing more.

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Discussion about “New EPoS System for Beit Bars”

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1. Haha   
Aug 24 2006 09:08

When do we replace the bar staff?

Aug 24 2006 09:51
Aug 24 2006 10:17

If you want a loyalty card, Mr Knight, how about you email a sabb (take your pick) and ask about it?

And I chuckled at that picture.

4. MOU   
Aug 24 2006 10:27

"When do we replace the bar staff?"

Erm... Staff-Student Protocol?

Aug 27 2006 18:47

I thought the loyalty card was called NUS Extra? £10 to join, oh c**p we are not part of the NUS. Guess I might just have to buy my drinks at a reasonable price instead of nussl prices.

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