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Redevelopment Delayed by Asbestos

Aug 29 2006 14:13
Ashley Brown
The redevelopment of the central core in Beit is facing delays after asbestos concerns.
No entry, for a while longer yet

The plans available for Beit when the Union redevelopment project was started were sketchy, with invasive works required to get a clearer picture of the state of the building. Despite this, new surprises have been appearing, pushing the finish date of the central core back by two weeks.

Two weeks ago the Union offices lost power for an afternoon, followed by the potential discovery of asbestos. Should the presence of asbestos be verified, special decontamination units will have to be brought in to remove it before work can continue.

The refurbishment of da Vinci's is proceeding quickly and on schedule, with completion expected before freshers' week. The central core area was not planned to be finished until November so the delays should have no additional impact on freshers' fair.

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Discussion about “Redevelopment Delayed by Asbestos”

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Sep 03 2006 12:54


Always nice to know that the union planning is up to scratch. That will teach them for rushing into something.

Sep 05 2006 13:42

this is quite serious isnt it? shouldnt the union/college know where all the asbestos is? bound to be some asbestos in such a building.

Sep 06 2006 17:31

College does not need to know where all the asbestos is as it is normally safe unless disturbed by doing building works. What is worrying is that no one (Particularly the architects and contractors) thought to check for it well in advance, it should come as little surprise that asbestos was present in a building such as the union.

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