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A New Direction for Union Trading?

Aug 30 2006 15:49
Ashley Brown
Live! has learnt that the Union trading facilities will be taking a new direction next year, with the appointment of a new Trading Manager.
Part of the advert

Union President John Collins appears to be making his mark already, with a job advert for a new Trading Manager currently doing the rounds.

The holder of the new position is to "combine the operations within our venue into one excellent hospitality offer", operating the bars, catering and "nightclub" at South Kensington. At present bars, catering and the venue itself are separately managed.

Collins told Live! that the aim of uniting the management of the separate operations in South Kensington under a "dynamic leader" was to improve the overall customer experience.

Use of the new EPOS system appears crucial as not only is a "high degree of computer literacy" required, but EPOS experience would give applicants "a distinct advantage." However, the system is not directly related to the creation of this new position - it has been desired since 2004, with a strong trading year last year allowing the position to finally be created.

With better stock control and flexibility from the EPOS system and a manager looking at "the bigger picture", the face of Union services is bound to change next year. Assuming, that is, that the new Trading Manager does not take a charge of a contaminated pile of rubble.

Please note: due to the staff-student protocol, Live! is constrained to reporting facts in the public domain and those made available by the Union President. Please bear this in mind in the discussion.

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Discussion about “A New Direction for Union Trading?”

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Aug 30 2006 23:44

So why has the author blanked out the salary on the image at the top of the article, yet anybody who wishes can simply click on the link and see it for themselves? As the disclaimer says at the bottom, Live! reports facts in the public domain, and surely this falls under that category?

Aug 31 2006 08:07

Because that picture will be around when the new post is filled, but the advert will have disappeared. I felt it was impolite to leave the salary there under those circumstances and possibly a breach of the SSP (discussing terms of employment of a specific member of staff is not allowed).

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