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New RCSU Website Launches

Sep 13 2006 10:44
Ashley Brown
The new RCSU website has launched today, joining RSM and Live! in the summer web-fest.
The new RCSU website

For the first time since 2001, the Royal College of Science Union have launched a new website.

The RCSU re-formed after the merger of the faculties of Life Sciences and Physical Sciences, to create the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The newly-formed faculty union adopted the historic name "RCSU" after a referendum last year. With freshers' handbooks arriving shortly the new website is well placed to educate the more inquisitive new college members, with a dedicated freshers' section.

The website features a standard array of news, events and a photo gallery. The scientists have many freshers' events planned, including the joint CGCU/RCSU Freshers' Ball. Plenty of inter-faculty rivalry can be expected with paintballing also on the cards.

RCSU President Jad Marrouche told Live!: "I think that finally we have a website that all scientists can be proud of! I would like to thank Tim Moran for his tireless work in helping me get the site up to scratch and hope that students use it as best they can as we build on it during the year".

When asked to comment on the new RCSU website, CGCU President James Fok asked "RCSU? Who are they?"

The summer has seen a swathe of relaunches, with Live! and the Royal School of Mines also giving their websites an update in the past month.

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Sep 13 2006 22:50

Very nice.

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Very, very nice.

Sep 14 2006 10:10

Not very nice.

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