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Chinese Society Threaten Sabbs

Sep 25 2006 21:50
Ashley Brown
The sabbs have been threatened with an injunction following the suspension of a club.
Hong Kong - Scene of the last Chinese Society event

The committee of Imperial College Chinese Society (ICCS) has issued a legal threat to the sabbs following the suspension of their club. Solicitors acting on behalf of society chair Emily Chow have indicated an intention to seek a court order if the club is not reinstated.

ICCS was suspended as part of a continuing review of the finances of union clubs. The particular problem in this case is that in previous years the club has sold multi-year and 'lifetime' memberships, which is not permitted.

Last year money was confiscated from their freshers' fair stall after they were found to be selling club membership - trading is not permitted at freshers fair. When the money was returned £500 was paid in, which is enough for single year memberships for all 100 members of the club. Live! has seen emails which show that some members paid more than £5 for a year, instead paying for lifetime or four year membership at £10. Where the extra money went appears to be unknown at this time.

A result of this is that central union now has no idea who believes they are members of ICCS, or where some of its income has gone. Additionally their union accounts show them to be £1800 in debt. The new committee have been unable to locate membership and financial documentation as they have been overseas, leading to a suspension until the situation is sorted out. This does not suggest they are responsible for the creation of the financial problems, however they are responsible for getting the club out of them.

ICU President John Collins refused to comment on the matter, however no official complaints appear to have been sent to any committee before legal threats were made. Quite why the club chose to bring lawyers in rather than appealing in a more restrained way is unknown. Clubs have no legal identity, which could create the interesting position of a member of the union taking legal action against the union on behalf of the union.

The club's finances will remain suspended, like all clubs, until their financial responsibility form has been received.

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Discussion about “Chinese Society Threaten Sabbs”

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Sep 26 2006 16:50

Seems like this Emily Chow chick is a couple of noodles short of a ramen...

Sep 26 2006 17:16

What happened to all that money from all those discos? I'm sure that would cover the 1800

Sep 27 2006 06:48

Quite right that a club has no legal identity, however, you failed to mention the fact that Imperial College & Imperial College Union are not distinct legal entities. And, as the college is in a specific category of legal entity (can't remember the name, only 6 hours sleep), the correct method is to threaten the correct officer of the college, in this case the legal representative of the College is ... The Rector.

Thus, as it is something done by ICU in the course of it's duties, it can be considered that it is something that IC has done so the papers should have been served on Sir Richard.

So, it'll be interesting how this threat goes through.

Sep 27 2006 22:27

How stupid is this. Why dont people just sit down and talk things over, or is that too damn complicated? There is probably a reason why the sabbs suspended them, they wouldnt have done that for a laugh. This is wasting sabbaticals time and staff time when they can be doing something that is actually useful!!

Sep 28 2006 12:33

to be fair to ChinaSoc this isnt the first time the Union has been threatened with legal action by its own members. Didnt the Arif do that last year and also Edward Lord?

Sep 28 2006 13:54

Err.. no. In that instance, the "Union" was attempting to sue one of its members, not the other way round.

Sep 28 2006 16:06

sh** - now im going to be sued for defamation.

Sep 28 2006 23:19

Oh well you might as well join the sabbs and get everyone in the union sued!! haha

Sep 29 2006 10:30

As a quick follow-up to this .. check out the following post to their mailing list:

10. WOW   
Sep 30 2006 02:48

so does that mean they were being a bit naughty?

Oct 02 2006 17:57

Anyone notice how the e-mail account and purported sender differ on that e-mail (account is, e-mail is signed by Emily Chow).

Isn't there something in the ICT regs about not giving others access to your account?

12. sporty   
Oct 02 2006 20:45

Mike, before going CSI: Miami on the poor club's a**e, you might have thought to look at the subject line.

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