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Da Vinci's Deficiency

Sep 29 2006 14:00
The Dark Knight
Da Vinci's looks to be ready in time for the freshers' first night, but "energy efficiency" is not part of the lineup.
Nice doors, shame about the glazing

The first stages of Da Vinci's refurbishment look to be complete, with new doors into the quad complete and just tidying up remaining. The bar also sports a freshly painted green walls - about the only thing that's green about it.

The original plans for Beit Masterplan caused long debates on energy efficiency that resulted in the Carbon Trust being asked to produce some recommendations. Unfortunately, one element of the Da Vinci's refurbishment plans seem to have slipped past last year's ICU President Sameena Misbahuddin - the new doors are single glazed, not double, allowing additional energy to escape.

The impact is likely to be negligible at present as the other windows are all single glazed, but this is likely to change as the building redevelopment continues. The current ICU exec are very unhappy with the situation, with the matter being discussed in the last meeting.

Refurbishment of the bar was only added to the project at the last minute, potentially contributing to this oversight. This year's sabb team are committed to a sustainable redevelopment and are considering the Carbon Trust proposals, which include windmills and a wood-chip burner. Burning of biomass may be a convenient way of disposing of errant sabbs without the inconvenience of censure.

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Discussion about “Da Vinci's Deficiency”

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Sep 29 2006 17:35

That's not very clever now is it...

Furthermore any plans to apply for grants to fund renewable energy will be scrapped at first sight if we haven't taken other steps (like installing double glazing) to improve efficiency.

This should be changed immediately whatever the cost. If needs be via a council policy...

Sep 30 2006 13:13

No no no, don't heat the place! Either make sure it's full of sweaty students who'll warm it up anyway, or take advantage of the cold to improve sales of hot food and hot drinks... And just think how much more effiecient the fridges will be in the winter due to the reduced room temperature.

3. TC   
Sep 30 2006 20:11

What? People are actually wasting time worrying about this? Considering how grossly inefficient the rest of the Union and college is with it's district heating I think the tiniest amount of heat loss from these doors is stupidly small. It's probably about the same as leaving one light on! Also don't forget the building will be bound by certain "visual" rules. I don't think inserting two large white PVC double glazed doors will do much for our image will it? I imagine there would also be other problems upgrading the windows in the rest of the area as well due to planning permission? We may end up with those c**ppy interior sliding ones, or not at all. Does Beit hall have double glazing fitted?

4. Ant   
Oct 01 2006 03:37

"I don't think inserting two large white PVC double glazed doors"

Urrr, who said anything about white PVC doors? It is totally possible to fit double glazing panels in any type of door you like, including natural wooden ones. Just because your getting double glazing does not mean you have to buy a s**t conservatory...

Oct 01 2006 14:30

Taking an attitude of "everything is inefficient so why both improving anything" would mean it would never get any better. We can't change everything at once, but new things going in should be as efficient as possible.

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