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Careers Service Hijacks Engineering Fair

Oct 17 2006 17:46
Ashley Brown
The careers service have taken over the engineering careers fair, with no money being given to Guilds.
The poster - no mention of CGCU by name or brand

The annual Engineering Careers Fair, originally set up by the CGCU Internship Centre as the Internships Fair, appears to have been completely hijacked by College's Careers Advisory Service.

The Internship Centre established the fair in 2002 to match engineering students with potential employers for summer internships, however it grew from there to a full careers fair. Last year's fair was renamed the "Engineering Careers Fair", with the careers service involved in the organisation. An agreement saw the profits from the event split between the careers service and City and Guilds College Union, providing a welcome boost to the Union's finances and reducing some of the workload.

The Careers Advisory Service seems to have taken the event over completely, with no money at all set to come to CGCU from the fair - putting a hole in the CGCU finances of some £4,000-£5,000. Furthermore, posters designed for the event by the Internship Centre were modified by the Careers Service to replace "City and Guilds College Union" with "the Engineering Student Union", part of the College's continuing drive to wipe out the last elements of its history still in plain sight.

The Careers Service is providing its own paid "volunteers", however some members of the CGCU Internship Centre will be offering their services for free.

It is believed that negotiations are ongoing about the future of the fair, with Guilds keen to claw back both control and profit.

The fair takes place tomorrow, 18th October 2006, from 11am to 3pm in the Tanaka and Mech Eng foyers.

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Discussion about “Careers Service Hijacks Engineering Fair”

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Oct 17 2006 21:08


Oct 17 2006 22:46

ridiculous - mr crocker, spark someone

Oct 18 2006 08:33

Those posters could be "fixed" with some sticky labels...

Oct 18 2006 09:55

Why do college constantly feel that they can upset their student base and get away with it? Because they do I suppose. I know that there are some in IC who would prefer to be a research institution with no undergrads, but they are not that. They need the students. They need them onside. They need to buck up their ideas, and start supporting their student base, not making life unecessarily difficult for them, because they are of the mistaken idea that University = Business not University = Place of Academic Excellence.

5. Sid   
Oct 18 2006 15:36

In my day...

6. Ant   
Oct 18 2006 20:00 let the careers service get their foot in the door and didn't do enough to protect the asset for the future?

is that what you were going to say Sid?


Oct 19 2006 12:26

This is what happens if you give away organising such activities! I am not surprised and Guilds deserve it.

Oct 20 2006 12:22

Dissapointing news esp since the Internship Centre was the result of some very hard work (Shrenik literally working day and all night sometimes!). I guess we were just a mad bunch of individuals of the time. This amount of work wasn't sustainable after the old guard left, and the complete transfer of this project to careers was just a matter of time as slowly things were getting out of guilds hands. At one time when the very existence of faculty unions was at threat, the Internship Centre was used as a great example of what we had achieved for our students by getting them summer jobs. And at least the Internship Centre helped the Guilds union survive at that time.

Though I share Shrenik's sentiment to an extent, I am glad that an Engineering specific fair is now in existence promoting Engineering careers.

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