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NUS Mini-site Launched

Oct 27 2006 13:10
Ashley Brown
Live! has launched an NUS mini-site to cover the NUS debate, in association with Felix and stoic tv.
The NUS mini-site

Live! has launched a new mini-site to coincide with the forthcoming fortnight of NUS campaigning. The approaching NUS referendum is generating a raft of opinion pieces both on Live! and in Felix.

In a move which may come as a shock to some, Live!, Felix and stoic tv are working together to present relevant facts and opinions in one place. The new mini-site will feature pro- and anti-NUS columns from key players and interested observers, sourced from contributions to Live! and Felix. A documentary produced by stoic tv will also appear, providing a different medium for the two opposing sides to communicate their arguments.

NUS-related articles will appear on the Live! front page in the orange "NUS Debate" box. Bookmark the site at, or use the NUS Debate RSS feed to receive the latest views from both sides.

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Discussion about “NUS Mini-site Launched”

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1. yo   
Oct 27 2006 15:31

awesome. it's such a bloody shame that Felix have brought in an external comapny to develop their website.

Oct 29 2006 01:01

They're not an external company, so to speak. Mr Dave Ingram and his partner in crime (I forget his name) are both current DoC students, and they generously offered to redo the website.

If they hadn't offered, I would have advertised to DoC and similar for other students to do it.

3. yo   
Oct 30 2006 13:38

soz - didnt know.

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