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Portacabins Move In

Oct 30 2006 15:53
Ashley Brown
The temporary buildings originally intended for the Queen's Lawn have moved in.
Glad these aren't on the Queen's Lawn?

In April Live! broke the news that College were planning to place portacabins on the Queen's lawn, a story which caused much consternation with emails sent out to students by faculty representatives. A paper with hundreds of seconders was sent to Council to oppose the plans.

The portcabins in question arrived over the weekend, being placed in their new home. Over the previous week contractors have built concrete and brick supports for the cabins in the car park next to the Roderic Hill building.

Getting the buildings into the campus proved interesting, with the railings on Prince Consort Road being removed to allow it - signs of welding are clearly visible on some of the posts, along with cracked paving.

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Discussion about “Portacabins Move In”

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Oct 30 2006 19:07

That's a posterboard waiting to be fllled. No to NUS!

Jun 03 2008 12:34

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