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Maths Student Dies in Beit

Nov 02 2006 17:43
Ashley Brown
An undergraduate living in Beit Hall sadly died yesterday.
Beit Hall

Paramedics and police were called to Beit Hall yesterday, following the death of a second year maths undergraduate. The student, who suffered from epilepsy, could not be contacted by his family causing them to raise the alarm. A warden investigated and called the emergency services.

A College tutor and the hall warden are providing support to the student's family. In a notice this morning, the college said: "The thoughts and sympathies of the community are with them, and the College will do everything it can to help the family through this painful time."

Counselling services are being offered to those who knew the student, whose identity has not yet been released. Ways to send condolences to the family will be made available by the College as soon as possible.

The Union has released the following statement:

"At this sad time the thoughts of all those involved in the Union are with the student's friends and family. Our primary concern now lies in ensuring that those close to the student are fully supported during this time and we will be working closely with the College on this matter. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the many members of College staff and the hall wardening team who have worked tirelessly in dealing with this tragic incident."

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Discussion about “Maths Student Dies in Beit”

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Dec 16 2006 15:12

Hi, i am not an Imperial student but i do know the person who was the victim and i would like for it to be said that this young man was a tremendous person, and he will be sorely missed by all of those that knew him.

2. Wahid   
Dec 26 2006 21:00

I think its a good moment to halt, and think about the reality of this life. Any one of us could be in the position of this lad.

We will all die, no matter how great we are, no matter how intelligent we are, or what weapons we posses. We are all subject to the law of God, so let not yourself be deceived by the pleasures of this world, and prepare for the hereafter.

Submit yourself to God, before its too late.

Dec 28 2006 16:46

Wahid: "We are all subject to the law of God,..."

I suggest you read Richard Dawkins´s new book before mouthing off in public...

Dec 28 2006 17:11

I thought everyone/everything was subject to the laws of Physics, if my degree at Imperial is anything to go by...

5. n/a   
Dec 29 2006 22:19

A student dies... and it's used as excuse for preaching and squabbling by supers and brights?

This does not seem appropriate.

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