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Hustings? What Hustings?

Nov 08 2006 10:27
The Dark Knight
Yesterday the NUS Yes and No camps took a trip to the Reynolds Bar for medic hustings, which turned into a bit of a farce.
If only it had been this busy...

Hustings at Charing Cross was timed before comedy night, allowing the NUS campaign teams a chance to have at least some audience. Attendance was extremely poor, with no audience or comedian half an hour after the scheduled start time. By 20:15, a full seventy five minutes after the start of hustings, it had been called off due to the lack of people.

The No team decided to use the tactic it favoured best, talking to people over a beer in the bar, with the Yes campaign quickly realising and handing out leaflets. All in all talking to people one-on-one seemed to work better for both camps, with both sides able to inform the crowd so they can make their own choices.

This once again brings into question the usefulness of hustings as a tool. Very few are attended by anyone other than hacks and the last hustings in the JCR drew criticism from the student body for interrupting their lunch. Chatting with people in the bar seems to be a far more effective tool.

Today's hustings should prove to be more interesting, with free beer in dBs from 19:00 to encourage people at sports night to attend. Lunch in the JCR will be disrupted at 13:00 tomorrow, followed by a formal debate in the Sir Alex Fleming Building at 18:00.

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