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Felix: Student Newspaper of the Year

Nov 09 2006 12:15
Ashley Brown
Felix has won the title of Student Newspaper of the Year at the 2006 Guardian Media Awards.

After being shortlisted for five Guardian Student Media Awards, Felix has managed to come away with Student Newspaper of the Year and an award for its former editor Rupert Neate. The excellent I, Science magazine was runner up in the Best Magazine category, behind Quench at Cardiff.

Despite Neate's abrasive personality causing problems at the end of the year, Felix still beat off four competitors at this yesterday evening's awards ceremony, including Varsity at Cambridge. Current Felix Editor Andy Sykes had the following to say about Felix's win:

"We at Felix are very proud to be named Best Student Newspaper, and it stands as proof of how hard last year's editorial team worked. To be awarded the title over the excellent Varsity is an honour indeed. I only hope that I can continue to maintain that high standard this year."

Neate, currently studying journalism at City University, also won Student Journalist of the Year. He will spend 6 weeks working at the Guardian as part of the prize. Sykes continued:

"I think those of us that worked with Rupert knew that he would go far in the world of journalism. His courage and tenacity in constantly questioning both the Union and the College authorities marked him out as the most politically active editor in years. Even though we occasionally had spats within the editorial team, we all recognise how hard Rupert worked, and how much he deserves the award. I say kudos to Mr Neate, and I wish him well in the future."

Warwick took three awards, with Warwick Boar taking Student Website of the Year and wins in Student Travel Writer and Student Sports Writer.

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Discussion about “Felix: Student Newspaper of the Year”

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Nov 09 2006 00:24


Nov 09 2006 00:40

A winner is us!

I didn't go, so I'm still in the office.

Also, I chuckled at the phrase "beat off four competitors". Hehehe.

Nov 09 2006 00:43

Also, you forgot about the excellent I Science, who got runner-up in the Best Magazine category. Kudos to last year's I Sci team.

Nov 09 2006 08:01

I didn't have the information about I, Science last night, but I'll be updating the article as information comes in.

Nov 09 2006 09:02

Dosen't this make our council look like complete dickheads? They denied Rupert Hon. Life Membership for whatever frivolous reason they could muster (yet still gave it to Luis "there are no welfare issues facing postgraduates" Hui).

I'd take a Guardian Media Award over whatever pathetic gongs ICU hand out any day. Im just looking forward to seeing the spectacle of certain individuals having to "commend" Rupert when they clearly can't stand him.

CONGRATULATIONS FELIX (It wos the Sports Section wot won it!)

Nov 09 2006 09:56

Well done Felix!

Nov 09 2006 11:21

Well done Felix!

And for once Stephen, I think we agree on something!

8. Sid   
Nov 09 2006 14:48

Hear, hear Stepehen.

Felix has had a wonderful year and I know of bods in the Faculty building who too were very impressed with the brilliant and sensational work that Rupert and his team did - well done.

9. haha   
Nov 09 2006 19:29

trounced oxbridge at their own game.

10. Emily   
Nov 10 2006 14:42

Rupert was a great editor, and council should recognise that. (but of course he couldn't have done it without us, steve)

Nov 11 2006 13:00

Concurred. Felix was great last year, congrats Emily, Steve, Alex, Rupert, Greg, Andy, etc

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