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New Guildsheet Out Today

Nov 14 2006 18:13
The Dark Knight
The new Guildsheet, now in magazine format, is out around the campus today.
The new Guildsheet

City & Guilds Media Group has launched its new magazine-format Guildsheet. The new design increases the number of photos used, including a full colour photo front page.

Five years ago Guildsheet was printed in-house on a laser printer in the Guilds office, but switched to a glossy format around two years ago. The newsletter-style concept was retained, however this year's Guildsheet Editor, Tristan Sherliker, has decided to make full use of the glossy printing format with bright colours and photographs. Sherliker described a monthly newspaper as "redundant", particularly when Guildsheet's sister publication Live! is able to deliver up-to-the-minute news.

Sherliker continued "it is now not a newspaper, but a magazine, containing opinions on the news, some less college-specific articles, and some of the more Guilds-specific news such as event reports (eg the Freshers' dinner photo spread this month). It's meant to provide more interesting content, better use of the format, and give people an opportunity to think about and form opinions on the events rather than just remembering what happened."

This month's issue includes an article from Dr Shaun Crofton, senior tutor in Mechanical Engineering, describing how not to choose a career. The centre pages include a photo spread from the Freshers' Ball and there's the monthly Spanner competition.

Pick up a copy around campus, or if you're off-site watch out for a link appearing here soon.

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