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Newsnight Investigation Warns of Extremism

Nov 15 2006 08:21
Killer Rabbit
A Newsnight investigation has once again indicated the presence of extremism at Imperial.
Sheikh Musa Admani

A Newsnight investigation, televised last night on BBC Two, has again mentioned Imperial in conjunction with an investigation into Islamist extremists. Last year the Guardian listed Imperial as one of the homes of extremism in the UK.

The investigation examined the mechanisms by which young men and women in the UK are radicalised and focused on many areas including the university system.

Sheikh Musa Admani, Imam at London Metropolitan University, considered the Islamic society there to be run by radical elements, so put into place measures to prevent radical preachers attending Friday prayers. All speakers had to be registered and approved by the university. This decision put him on a "collision course" with the students: a student came to him afterwards and said "Imam, I came to inform you of something ... a group from Imperial College are coming to kill you tomorrow." The investigation continues that he took actions to avoid the group, but fails to elaborate further or explain quite why this alleged group failed to catch up with him later. College were unavailable to comment at the time of publication.

Recently there have been calls for universities to pay more attention to extremism of all forms on their campuses, including a suggestion that they "spy" on students and report back to special branch. A paper seeking to condemn this has now been brought to ICU Council twice, but filled with so much additional material that it has been referred back to the proposer for modification each time. The College have stated they have no intention of spying on their students, or reporting back any information to special branch in the forseeable future.

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Discussion about “Newsnight Investigation Warns of Extremism”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Nov 15 2006 16:09

Oh dear.

Religious societies and/or societies existing merely to promote irrational bulls**t (especially when that irrational bulls**t impinges on others' human rights) should not receive funding from the union. They are completely at odds with what university (and Imperial more than others, perhaps) stands for. Progression through science.

You don't see IC Caving Society, IC Sailing Society or even the other religious societies running around issuing death threats to old men. Why do all issues at the moment seem to be emanating from one particular society? Could it have anything to do with that society's particularly irrational world-view and their attempts to embrace it in a progressive western democracy?

Nov 16 2006 14:09

This is a load of rubbish. The Imperial College Islamic Society needs some funds from the Union to sue this idiot for libel.

I can't believe that people can just make up rubbish like this, publish it and get it taken seriously. I suspect that this p***poor "imam" has been a victim of a cruel prank.

Concerned - do you know - like actually know - anyone in the Islamic Society at Imperial College? Maybe you should come down to the prayer room and meet us, we're in the basement on 9 Prince's Gardens.

I cannot believe that Live! published this rubbish without even bothering to get some comment from the Islamic Society.

I am sick and tired of our Islamic Society being accused of being extremists - I am also a little annoyed that everyone in the society is too busy doing last-minute revision for exams than refuting these disgusting claims.

Can we sit down at a table and bloody talk??

Nov 16 2006 14:40

ISoc should have received an email asking for comment (sent to shortly after the Newsnight clip appeared on the web, at the same time College were asked to comment). Live! has sent emails to ISoc before which have gone unanswered and we would be happy to check with you that you are in fact receiving them.

You will note that we are reporting simply what was in the programme - as you have seen, you have the right to reply via the discussion forum if you are unable to reply to the email we sent, or for some reason did not receive it.

You should of course take some comments on Live! with a pinch of salt - the view of Concerned is unlikely to be representative of the readership.

Nov 16 2006 14:41

On a personal note and in response to your post, I've found the people I know in ISoc to be both friendly and open to discussion on any matter at all. "Extremist" would be completely opposite to the description I would use.

Nov 16 2006 15:29

Live! ? I guess this is another case of ?Chinese? whispers gone bad? What happened to investigative journalism? Substantiated by hard work and solid facts? ? Or is this the continuing tradition of hearsay perpetuated by Imperial?s very own ?mickey mouse? tabloids?

Standards are falling here at Imperial! Tsk tsk!

It?s a real shame you resort to unprofessional tactics to influence and poison public opinion by the dissemination of unverified information ? adding to the already heightened climate of fear and Islamophobia ? a clear by-product of your carelessness and reckless journalism is the likes of ?Concerned?

6. mmm   
Nov 16 2006 16:06

What I want to know is, when is I-Soc going to give me a free doughnut? If they gave me two, I might even convert!

Nov 16 2006 16:09

I've sent ISoc another email using a different system - if someone with access to the inbox is reading this, please let me know if you get it.

Nov 16 2006 16:57

"On a personal note and in response to your post, I've found the people I know in ISoc to be both friendly and open to discussion on any matter at all. "Extremist" would be completely opposite to the description I would use."

I've met those too. They're great.

It's the ones we haven't met, though, that may not be as nice.

Of course it's not everyone; even if it's one person alone, that is a problem. And of course that goes for any other person of any society anywhere.

It's everyone's duty to stop the few that make a bad name for the many.

Nov 16 2006 17:00

hahaha. next u'll be blaming the muslims for the water shortage - "why do they have to wash 5 times a day?!"

o, and to the guy about the donuts - come to the PR (prayer room) and i'll hook u up.


10. W.   
Nov 16 2006 19:01

I'm surprised at all this reporting about Imperial's ISoc, ranging from a Guardian(?) article down to Newsnight and Live. Not a single person from any of these 'institutions' has turned up at the ISoc prayer room to see what the hell goes on in there, and maybe even to talk to a few of the members.

Until they do, this sort of 'news' is hardly credible. Some non-imam from a non-university apparently receiving death threats from a bunch of Muslims from Imperial has no bearing on the Islamic Society.

Even *if* the allegation is true, The Islamic Society shouldn't have to defend the action of every Muslim on campus.

Just like the Christian Union shouldn't have to defend every stupid action by any christian on campus.

11. W.   
Nov 16 2006 19:03

"A Newsnight investigation has once again indicated the presence of extremism at Imperial."

Not much of a newsflash. I could have told you that, there is a cheese society on campus - now that's extreme :p

12. Kamran   
Nov 17 2006 00:07

I have just spent fours years at

Imperial. I was involved with its Isoc throughout, not once did I see any signs of extremism.

Nor have I been radicalised by so called, albeit NON-EXISTENT extremist elements. I have exited from Uni fairly 'normal' and 'unscathed'. I think 'so-called' news reporters should go back and look at what they do, instead of making up stories for ratings, maybe they should return to how journalism should be, BASED ON FACT.

Nov 17 2006 03:25

"Just like the Christian Union shouldn't have to defend every stupid action by any christian on campus."

Thats because they don't threaten to kill people

Nov 17 2006 08:50

I don't recall seeing Imperial's Islamic Society mentioned on the article above or on Newsnight. They mentioned extremists. As we've established that ISoc is full of good people, its ridiculous to target them in this discussion, or expect them to know anything about extremism on campus. I doubt that killing an Imam is allowed by Islam. It's called "extremism" for a reason...

The point is not "are Islamic Society extremists", but "are there extremist elements at Imperial" (who may or may not claim to be Muslim). Further, if we believe there are, are we happy to have recommendations from the government that universities should spy on their students, in particular Muslim students? I find the whole idea of a university spying on its students alarming and counterproductive and it seems senior College figures feel the same.

The sooner we get a paper through council opposing the whole concept of the university spying, the better. Unfortunately Miss Royle seems intent on adding a load of other stuff to it as well which means it won't pass.

15. Adil   
Nov 19 2006 19:39

Ashley Brown, members of the Metropolitan Police will be down later this month (29 Nov) to answer questions similar to yours and others.

Also, Musa Admani will be there to clear up the confusions of those Concerned.

Nov 19 2006 20:24

Excellent - could you stick it in the Live! events calendar please (go to the events page and login using your IC username and password).

Will the Met be investigating the cheese society while they're here?

17. Editor   
Nov 19 2006 21:53

Live! has still had no response to emails sent to ISoc. Could someone please contact me so we can establish a reliable method of communication... Use the "Got a Story" link if you need to, that should get to me.

18. Adil   
Nov 20 2006 11:12

Editor, I have spoken with the President of the Islamic Society who received the email you sent after changing systems. He informs me that none were received prior to that.

Nov 21 2006 13:24

Hi everyone,

The only email we received from Live was on the 16th Nov at approx 1600, which was a test message.

Prior to that there are no Live messages concerning this issue. Good thing the email communication has now been sorted.

If Live needs to contact us please email .com

Concerned, the Islamic Society works very hard to provide events and services on campus and does its utmost best to develop good relations with the community. Baseless comments like yours are not neccessary. Maybe come to some of our events.

20. Editor   
Nov 21 2006 13:28

Imran, thanks for replying. was the address I was using - I've since sent another test message from home which hasn't got to you either. Looks like a problem at my end!

What is the event on the 29th?

21. Adil   
Nov 21 2006 18:02

The event on the 29th (Policing London) is something being organised by the Chaplaincy independent of the Islamic Society.

It was being planned/organised prior to the Newsnight Imam's rise to fame. Hopefully he and the Metropolitan Police will leave convinced that no group from Imperial College is out for murder.

Jan 04 2010 14:23

In the wake of the president of UCL Islamic society's arrest while trying to blow up a jet mid-atlantic, it is high time we closed down extremist societies- namely Islamic and their offshoots at Imperial. ISoc has a long history of extremism- from Barber Ahmed (the Al qaeda operative and former Isoc member ) to the constant hosting of hate preachers including Azzam Tamimi (from Hamas UK) and others...

I hope the new rector will take action before another jihadist terrorist rears his head from the society's cesspit .

Jan 04 2010 16:10

As an undergraduate, I was constantly appalled by the fact that the college allowed the Islamic society get away with (incitement to) murder. They regularly invited terrorist apologists who called for the genocide of Israel and the Jews and longed for this country to be ruled by Islamic law. Following the arrest of the UCL Islamic Soc, president as well as the expose on Newsnight- when will college act- or is it too blinded by anti-semitism and anti-americanism to come to its senses? When will the decent students of Imperial act to boycott this hatemongering society and call for its clerics to be turfed out. As a centre of scientific excellence we cannot allow these medieaval bullies- whose whole life view is anathema to the ethics of eductation and progress to be tolerated in our midst! Imperial is rapidly gaining a reputation as the UK's leading jihadist university.

24. Adil   
Jan 09 2010 09:53

Valeria and Nelson, that you would up dig some college discussion from 3 years ago (lol!) really demonstrates how sad you are.

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