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New Trading Manager Just in Time

Nov 22 2006 14:17
The Dark Knight
The new trading manager at South Kensington has arrived, hopefully just in time to fix a decline.
da Vinci's at 9:30pm on a Friday night

The new trading manager for the Beit building has arrived, in the midst of wavering trading fortunes.

The newly-refurbished JCR, with its deli counter and fast food drew custom away from the lunch-time catering services offered in Beit when it opened. The JCR is now packed every lunchtime, with students apparently enjoying what some have dubbed the "death burgers". The queues in the Union at lunchtime have been recovering, however there is still a way to go.

Evening entertainments sometimes suffer, with students expressing concerns about both the quality on offer and the price on the door. Many have expressed their disappoinment at having to pay to get in after 9pm just to have a drink on a Friday night.

The future looks to be interesting, with the new booths for daVinci's finally arriving for the start of next term. There are mumblings about a repaint already, following concerns the current green is too clinical and shows dirt easily (take a look at the east wall of da Vinci's to see what we mean). The new furniture will hopefully improve the ambience in the bar, making it a more inviting environment.

Lower door prices are being looked into, along with the possibility of finally getting chips in, but with the snag that the current kitchens are not set up to take a deep-fat fryer.

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Discussion about “New Trading Manager Just in Time”

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Nov 22 2006 19:00

Who is it?

Or do we suffer under SSP

Nov 22 2006 19:03
3. Alex   
Nov 22 2006 21:27

The food in the JCR is orders of magnitude better than that on offer in dB's (or, gods help us, da Vinci's) and for a similar price. Futhermore, the atmosphere is not that of a hospital waiting room crossed with a building site.

Is it any wonder that takings in the Union are down? The only place that still seems to consistently draw a crowd is the Union Bar.

4. Sid   
Nov 22 2006 22:51

I am not sure you could argue that the food in the JCR on its own is any good at all, but perhaps in comparison, sure.

Where has JCR breakfast disappeared to? After all the campaigns from student media last year on healthy food, why do we now have a KFCesque food outlet and a very poor excuse for a sandwich shop which can't match neither the speed of service or quality that the Sandwich shop provides. In addition, what happened to the vast variety of sandwiches that used to be available in the JCR? I don't think sofas for palatable food is a fair replacement.

But, yes Union food is still bottom of the rung, not that college sets an acceptable standard.

5. Ben   
Nov 23 2006 00:21


The 'JCR Breakfast' is now served in the MDH I believe, and is still just as greasy.

On a broader point, if there is a real concern regarding the quality/choice of food that College provides please let me know and I'll pass it on to the appropriate people.

Nov 23 2006 20:29

I must say that getting food in the college proves challenging when budget is on the line. To get a paletable sandwich in the JCR or union, for the £1.75 the Sandwich Shop charge, is near impossible. The MDH is a rip-off and the JCR is following suit. I have thus far managed to boycot the burger/grease outlet and the over-priced costa, but the clinical corner-shop-esque pre-made sandwich parlour is pretty disgusting to eat also.

I guess we can kiss goodbye to any costs being cut and quality being improved by the mega administrative diseconomies of scale the NUS will bring.

Why can't Imperial get subsidised food like most of the oxbridge colleges?

The most we get to a provided dinner is Linstead Slop (TM).

7. Ant   
Nov 23 2006 21:20

Technically your food is discounted thats why you all have to handover your swipecards when you pay.

of course the fact that the prices are extortionate to start with is a different point.

Its all about the SAF Cafe anyway, half price pizza and pastries just before closing...

Nov 23 2006 21:21

If you complain about ICU food being overpriced, come to King's FWB at Waterloo - more expensive that Beit food, but slightly better it must be said.

Have Imperial students not worked out yet that it is possible to bring in your own packed lunch at a fraction of the cost of buying sandwiches every day?

Nov 24 2006 00:48

Packed Lunch?

What's that?

10. Sam   
Dec 22 2006 11:46

A packed lunch is where instead of paying someone else to assemble some raw ingredients for you, you source, manufacture and supply a lunch yourself.

I guess that idea died with Coal Mining and Heavy Engineering in this country. Computer Geeks just need intravenous caffeine so the lack of demand has pushed up prices... or something...

Jan 18 2007 11:15

The fantastic 'student discount' that we all receive is in fact only the VAT being taken off. You shouldnt get so hysterical about that! The food is aweful and expensive. Also when catering shut down for the summer, a lot of rats ran out of food and were found wandering the union halls...

12. Ratty   
Jan 18 2007 12:55

Actually, we were displaced by the building work. Underneath the old raised area in Da Vinci's was a lovely ratty haven, along with lots of little cracks to get in under the wall where the new windows and paving are now.

ps. Catering didn't shut down, it just did lunchtimes and not evenings.

13. Eugene   
Jan 19 2007 01:37

Actually my personal opinion (and those of many of my friends) is that the Union food has gone upmarket and is serving some really good stuff in Da Vincis (OK not the pasta bolognese), whereas the JCR is a rip off as ever - will they EVER get decent varieties of sandwiches in which look and taste appetising at a reasonable price? I was shocked to find that a 'crayfish and dill' baguette cost more than the equivalent at Marks & Spencer, and did not taste as good either! Something's wrong here... not to mention the fast food joint which is rubbish - they have NEVER served fish burgers whenever I am there despite it being on the menu and the fried chicken tastes less good than KFC and looks less healthy too!

Can I start a petition to have a Nando's 'Imperial branch' open there? Everyone would love it and it'd be a lot healthier too - flame grilled not deep fried.

Unfortunately SAF cafe now wins hands down on both price and quality of food served.

JCR water coolers have also disappeared - are they now expecting undergraduates to pay for drinking water? Why does the SCR still have them (the coolers)?

Your sincerely

Disgruntled diner

PS: JCR breakfast - now in MDH, and serving up loyalty cards to customers - 10 meals get 1 free, and also plays 105.4 Heart FM so you can listen to amazing classic cheese as as breakfast. The only disappointment is the fact they have now changed to flimsy hash browns instead of the old stuff which was amazing.

Jan 19 2007 02:06

There is always Clauds in the RSM. Cheapest place on campus and really friendly staff - they know almost everyone by name and you can chat to Messias for hours!

Nando's would be amaaaaaaazing! I love periperi sauce! And coleslaw. And spicy rice. And frozen yoghurt!

The slightly more expensive vegetarian sandwiches are ok in the JCR - there is quite a good 'Humoungously Crunchy' one. But whatever happened to the Onion Bhaji Sandwich? That was heaven between two slices of bread! I can't believe they don't do them anymore!

Jan 19 2007 07:49

I must admit the lack of a water source in the JCR is truely shocking, really really bad. Especially when serving up fast-food that's so salty.

I would advocate the packed lunch, you can eat like a king for £2 a day. And my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's lunchbox looks wicked-awesome

Jan 21 2007 12:49

I have a My Little Pony one somewhere...

At the start of term I bought myself one of those snazzy cooler bag lunch boxes (it was pink and blue and has paw prints on it) with the intention of saving money by making lunch. Then I ran out of time to go shopping for bread between lectures and rehearsals. Now my staple diet is Union Chilly maybe once a week... haha!

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