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Faculty Building, EEE, Sherfield Evacuated

Nov 27 2006 18:05
Ashley Brown
Large parts of College were evacuated this morning after three "suspect packages" were found in the Faculty Building.
The blue cube ... a target for rogue batteries

The Faculty Building, Sherfield, EEE, RSM, Bessemer, Mechanical Engineering and the Tanaka Business School were all evacuated this morning after the discovery of three "suspect packages".

At 09:15 the Faculty Building was evacuated by College security, with surrounding buildings closed and a security cordon erected when the Metropolitan Police arrived.

The walkway was closed from the Great Hall area all the way to Mechanical Engineering/Tanaka, with Callendar Gate also closed. Imperial College Road was open for access only to buildings on the south side (SAF, Flowers, Chemistry etc).

Much like the last suspect package, this one turned out to be fairly harmless. During Friday afternoon and at the weekend electricians had been refitting batteries for the Faculty Building's emergency lighting system and had left the old batteries behind. At 10:10 the buildings were declared safe to enter.

The emergency services and security should become well-versed in evacuations, with this being the second major evacuation in the last fortnight.

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Discussion about “Faculty Building, EEE, Sherfield Evacuated”

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Nov 27 2006 10:17

Grrrr this bloody evacuation stopped me from my ritual Monday 10am MDH Breakfast!

Not to mention that I can't go to the Walkway newsagents to buy The Times...

2. tired   
Nov 27 2006 10:43

I like the way the building was evacuated up to level 2 but no higher...nice touch for us lot on level 3.

Nov 27 2006 10:45

I like the way that EEE was evacuated down to level 2 but no lower... Nice touch for us lot on level 1.

4. bored   
Nov 27 2006 10:51

well, we were eventually evacuated on level 1. what was more amusing was when the police started taking down the cordons and some random shouty man wouldn't let us back in to EEE, because "nobody had told him it was over", but he wasn't in uniform and had no radio.

Nov 27 2006 10:54


Nov 27 2006 11:00

daVE is teh r0x0r

7. Dave   
Nov 27 2006 11:01

Thanks for the support guys, I was prepared to sacrifice my life for the rest of you!

Nov 27 2006 11:07

we love u dave!!!


Nov 27 2006 11:21

"Hello Dave...?"

Nov 27 2006 11:26


Nov 27 2006 11:36

I was having a lesson in Skempton, room 307, only about 15 yards from Faculty Building and we were not evacuated, just sat through an hour lecture with the Faculty Building alarm going off. Clearly the college doesn't mind if civil engineers get blown up, only administrative staff!

Nov 27 2006 12:53

So does college actually have a plan for dealing with emergencies, or is it a case of every man, woman, child for themself?

Nov 27 2006 13:01

College seems just to rely on the immense power of Dave to evacuate buildings.

Nov 27 2006 20:17

Imperial would not run without its Daves. We are everywhere, and we're watching you!

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