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Governance Changes Accepted

Nov 28 2006 14:20
Ashley Brown
College Council accepted the proposed changes to the Union governance structure, creating a new welfare board and court.
Something fishy?

The changes suggested by the summer Governance Review have now been accepted at all levels, leading to a number of changes.

One of the key changes to affect Union officers will be the creation of a new "Representation and Welfare Board", designed to safeguard money for representation issues. Faculty Unions will now ask RWB for some of their money, rather than the Student Activities Committee as previously. In conjunction with this, SAC becomes the Clubs and Societies Board and no longer deals with funding for representative bodies such as Departmental Societies. It does however gain control of the minibuses.

Many other committees are renamed, merged or abolished, with the unpopular Trading and Retail Committee replaced with "forums" where interested parties may discuss concerns directly with the staff responsible.

The key change is the creation of a Court, which will have both current Union members and life members on a multi-year tenure. The court will deal mostly with disciplinary matters and elections complaints and will meet only when required.

Finally, in an act of de-Mustafa-isation, the position of Permanent Secretary reverts to the title of Union General Manager.

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Discussion about “Governance Changes Accepted”

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1. grr   
Nov 28 2006 17:03

When will the "decollinsisation" commence?

Nov 28 2006 17:41

Surely these changes are good things and a rather efficient means of cutting paperwork and bureaucracy?

I'm not so certain about the Court but I think dep socs will be pleased not to have to wrestle with clubs for money any more!

Nov 28 2006 19:13

Nice photo, Ashley.

Nov 30 2006 19:34

i was about to say it's a c**p photo but who am i to disagree with The Andy

5. andy   
Dec 07 2006 14:05

Duh. I only just figured out why it's fish. Have a look at the DPGS bit of the constitution and have a chuckle.

Dec 07 2006 14:49

I just had a look and I still don't get it

Dec 07 2006 15:13

Look harder.

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