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Aston to Disaffiliate from the NUS

Nov 30 2006 10:02
The Dark Knight
Students at Aston University have voted to disaffiliate from the NUS.
No more NUS at Aston

The NUS lost a member institution last night, as Aston University Students' Guild announced the results of its referendum on disaffiliation. 550 (53%) voted to disaffiliate, with a turnout of just over 1,032 (about 15%).

The Aston Guild executive were in favour of disaffiliation, leading some to complain of bias. The Aston Guild discussion board also contains complaints about the rudeness of pro-NUS campaigners and the unfairness of allowing the NUS to bring paid staff onto the campus.

Aston is consistently rated in the top 20 universities for teaching, but is outside the top research-focused focussed institutions. It is a small university, with around 7,000 students.

Students at the University of Strathclyde have also called for a referendum on disaffiliation this academic year.

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Discussion about “Aston to Disaffiliate from the NUS”

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1. n/a   
Nov 30 2006 11:36

Yay for Aston! Well done...

Nov 30 2006 12:08

3 cheers for the "liberation" of Aston!

3. Yes   
Nov 30 2006 12:14

Soon the NUS will be devoid of all the rubbish unis.

Nov 30 2006 14:11

Good that the NUS may be getting "devoid of all the rubbish unis." but what about "degree awarding" Further Education Institutions? Surely by comparison... Aston is way better than those FEs.

5. Yes   
Nov 30 2006 15:12

One step at a time...

6. No   
Nov 30 2006 15:24

Ok. You seem to want the NUS to be devoid of all the rubbish unis. Now, if only we could persuade the Aldwych Group to all leave at the same time and put their resourses into building up that organisation. That would be a far better use of our cash.

Nov 30 2006 15:40

Amen to that.

8. who   
Dec 06 2006 09:28

what is aston university? sounds like a farmers hangout

9. Chris   
Dec 06 2006 19:52

In the Top 5 Business Schools since 2000, in TOP 20 universities overall, city centre Birmingham, not quite a farmers hangout I'd say.

Dec 06 2006 20:29

Also the destination of Julia King, former Principal of the Faculty of Engineering...

11. Sam   
Dec 25 2006 18:27

Aston Rocks.... its the best uni there is!!!!

12. Rich   
Oct 01 2009 17:45

Aston is amazig best uni in brum

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