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ULU Approves Imperial Cup Entry

Dec 05 2006 10:14
Ashley Brown
ULU has agreed that Imperial teams can enter ULU sports leagues and cups after we withdraw from the University of London.
Wye Ladies Rugby take the ULU Cup in 2005

Last night the University of London Union agreed to an arrangement where Imperial College Union may continue to enter sports teams into their leagues and cups when Imperial withdraws from the University of London. Participation in leagues had already been agreed in principle, however it was thought cups stood a chance of being denied.

In an email circulated this morning ICU President John Collins described the events at ULU:

"This proposal was controversial and a fierce debate ensued for over half an hour. After much political drama - procedural motions and stalling tactics were narrowly defeated and the motion was allowed to pass."

Mr Collins also criticised Imperial's delegates to ULU council for not turning up last night, something which made the whole process more difficult than it should have been. Our ULU delegates were elected last month but neither attended last night's crucial decision.

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Discussion about “ULU Approves Imperial Cup Entry”

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Dec 05 2006 11:38

Your ULU delegates didn't turn up, are you surprised at this? After all when really has most of IC seen any importance in ULU as a representative body despite what any of those pro NUS hacks might have said about you losing it.

The majority of IC has only ever used ULU per se for its C+S services ie the leagues and any clubs we didn't provide ourselves...just ask most people what they're biggest concern about leaving UL was (if they had one).

On the actual topic tho, well done and thank you for all their hard work to those who were involved in driving for this result over the last couple of years.

Dec 05 2006 12:36

"The majority of IC has only ever used ULU per so for it's C+S services ie the leagues..."

That is exactly why it is so scandalous that our duly and democratically elected ULU delegates couldn't be bothered to turn up to support a motion trying to secure precisely these services. Our representatives to all bodies are there for one reason and one reason only, to present our views and concerns. Whether or not they personally gave two hoots about the leagues and cups is completely immaterial, they had a duty to attend and support John Collins' efforts to keep the only thing any of the regular students actually cared about from ULU.

I hope that our 'delegates' are hanging their heads in shame this morning, they have let the student body down and completely failed to do the only thing they were elected to do.

3. fab1   
Dec 09 2006 17:46

dont u think there should be regulations implaced via which the 'delegates' should be sacked if they fail to turn up on 'crucial 'meetings

Dec 09 2006 18:02

The new constitutional changes give the Union President more power to recommend people should be no-confidenced.

John Collins has sent an email to the delegates, copied to Council, warning them of the consequences of missing the next meeting...

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