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Pillow Fight on the Queen's Lawn

Dec 15 2006 14:41
Ashley Brown
Around 30 people took part in a mass pillow fight on the Queen's Lawn at lunchtime.
Fighting on the Queen's Lawn

Imperial's "Flashmob" crowd entertained people around the Queen's Lawn at 12:30 this lunchtime with a pillow fight.

At about 12:25 people starting arriving with bulging bags, but the turnout appeared low: only 10-15 were obviously up to something out of the ordinary. At 12:30 when the first pillow was swung the same number appeared from nowhere and joined in, revealing their hidden pillows as they ran on to the lawn. Many more people were watching than took part, including a large crowd in the JCR who opted to stay warm! Security seemed unperturbed...

Imperial students have previously taken part in "mobile clubbing" at Paddington station, when people dance to the music on their MP3 players at a specific time in a public place.

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1. Anon   
Dec 15 2006 16:14

Interested in joining in the next flashmob event? Search for "Imperial flashmob" on facebook and join up!

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