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Sell-out Christmas Carnival

Dec 17 2006 13:48
Ashley Brown
Friday's Christmas Carnival was a huge success, selling over 900 tickets.
Beit Quad

The end-of-term Christmas Carnival was a complete sell-out, with almost two-thirds of the available tickets sold in advance. The event looks to be one of the biggest run by ICU in the last few years.

Human table football in the Concert Hall proved popular, with ICU President John Collins taking up position in goal during the evening. The UDH was transformed into a Santa's Grotto (described by one guest as "Santa's Porn Grotto"), with mulled wine and mince pies being served by the advertised "sexy elf helpers". The ever-present Hookah cafe was also available all evening, with the room full to capacity at many points during the evening.

John Collins takes up position in goal

At 10pm bar service was still reasonably quick, with a wait of only a few minutes to get served. However by 11:30pm it looked to be falling apart, with a 30 minute wait at the bars and the barbecue. Groups began ordering several rounds in one go due to the delay, which further exacerbated the problem. Thankfully it seemed to ease off after about an hour, as most groups had several rounds on the go or began to slowly disperse. There was no repeat of the hour-long wait for bar service at the Summer Carnival.

Most of the capacity crowd of 950 stayed until the early hours of the morning, with the Union Bar remaining open for 90 minutes longer than intended to cope with demand. By the time it closed it was in a thoroughly dreadful state, with drink covering most surfaces. Keeping the bars open while there was demand proved effective however, with around £12k taken during the night - up from £8k last year despite a reduction in capacity of 200 due to the building works.

All in all it was a good-natured night with few dramas, however one steward was seen walking around with an ice pack against his face. There was also at least one incident of gross molestation of a Christmas tree in the Union Bar, which seems to be in fairly good condition given the abuse it has received over the past fortnight.

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1. hmm   
Dec 17 2006 19:25

i don't remember a one hour wait at the bar during the summer carnival. you must have been waiting in the wrong place..

also i think the christmas tree deserved everything it got

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