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Live! Down

Dec 21 2006 09:33
Ashley Brown
Live! descended into the abyss on Tuesday, as vital network services ceased to function.

Multiple failures at Live!'s DNS provider brought the site down Tuesday morning, with the outage lasting over 60 hours. The same failure also took the CGCU website offline.

Whilst investigating the failure it was discovered that had not been re-registered when it expired on 30th November, despite an invoice being received in good time. VPFS Boon Koh, who was responsible for re-registering the domain, is out of the country and could not be reached for comment. This turned out not to be the main cause of the problem, however caused some concern amongst the web team.

Thankfully nothing time-critical happened during the outage, however there a few interesting news stories that will have to wait a little bit longer.

C&G Media Group is currently in discussions with alternative providers to allow increased reliability - this is the second multiple-hour failure in the last 5 months and service was only restored following a number of complaints. Additional backup services with another provider are now in place on a temporary basis.

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Discussion about “Live! Down”

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Dec 21 2006 14:24

With Live! down, where am I supposed to get my news from? Felix? GUTed? Broadsheet?

Make sure this cannot happen again! Grr!

Dec 21 2006 14:27

We are looking at our options - both DNS and emails have been unreliable of late.

Felix of course has no website working at the moment .. but also has its DNS with ZoneEdit (but on different servers).

Dec 21 2006 16:07

I begin to wonder if we'll ever have a working website...

And I'm not putting the old one back up. It's hideous and broken.

Dec 21 2006 20:18

Has anyone looked into hosting them at Imperial?

Dec 21 2006 20:55

Yes, we're looking into it. Christmas is not the best time to get anything done though!

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