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RSM carve-up begins

May 13 2001 20:43
Mustafa Arif
Associateships "under Review" as Wye is reorganised.
The break-up of the Royal School of Mines has started, at Wye.

Last week, Imperial at Wye was reorganised in what is being seen as the first step in the dismantling of the Royal School of Mines into Imperial's new faculties. The sections of the TH Huxley School and Biology Department that are based at Wye have been regrouped as the Department of Agricultural Sciences. The new department is part of the Life Sciences faculty and essentially re-unifies the adminstration of Wye College after the break-up that followed the merger with Imperial.

ICU President, Hamish Common, stated that the Rector is likely to continue to break-up the Huxley School. It is understood that the Rector believes the Huxley School is an "administrative monstrosity of unrelated departments that should never have been created". The recent redundancies of teaching staff in Geology, have been blamed on the management and organisation of the Huxley School.

The Wye reorganisation has also raised a question mark over the future of the Associateships. The Biology students at Wye received the Associateship of the Royal College of Science (ARCS), while the Huxley School is part of the Royal School of Mines. Mr Common suggested that students of the new department would most probably receive the ARCS. A spokesperson for the registry confirmed that no decision has yet been made, but added that the whole system of Associateships was "under review".

In a bizare twist on previous speculation C&GCU President, Dinesh Ganesarajah predicited that the Life Sciences faculty would be the Royal School of Mines.

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Discussion about “RSM carve-up begins”

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May 15 2001 13:32

Life Sciences will be represented at all levels of the new Faculty of Medicine ... is this in preparation for a future merger?

May 15 2001 15:37

What sort of representation?

May 15 2001 16:17

Exec / Admin / Student. Representation at all levels.

May 15 2001 21:09

It is not in preparation for a future merger. If the Rector wanted to merge life sciences with medicine, he would have done so when establishing the faculties. It seems like this is the compromise - not a merger but cross-representation that would allow and facilitate more interdisciplinary research (and even maybe education) in the life sciences and medicine. Life Sciences and medicine have been co-operating for a while anyway. As an example the Graduate School of Life Sciences and Medicine was established well before Sir Richard took over. Sir Richard seems pretty keen on Healthcare/life sciences and environmental engineering which it seems may be moving into the life sciences faculty. He seems to think that the rest i.e. Physical sciences/ maths/ engineering is just there for support of life sciences / environment. My bet is that he is lumping his favourites into 2 faculties and increasing co-operation between them

5. stef   
May 18 2001 10:47

There is a significant amount of Environmental work and teaching in the Engineering Faculty, and medical technology as well - please do not forget Civ Eng, Elec Eng, Earth Resources, Mech Eng (they don't just work on pyramid tea bags)and Geology (if it ends up there), they maybe smallish in comparison to the mighty Biochemistry and Medicine faculties, but hey:)

May 18 2001 15:51

Don't forget the Bagrit Centre for Biological & Medical Systems *Engineering*...

May 18 2001 15:57

Bichemistry is the same as biology anyway... ;o)

May 20 2001 19:55

Were you trying to wind up Stef?

9. stef   
May 21 2001 10:02

I did forget about BAMS - sorry

to all BAMSy people

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