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Estates Deprive RCSU

Jan 12 2007 13:15
The Dark Knight
College have gone back on an agreement to provide an office for the RCSU on the walkway, trying to place them in a cleaner's cupboard instead.
The RCSU President and Vice President busking in their current broom cupboard

At the end of December the Royal College of Science Union thought they had an agreement for use of the old print shop on the walkway by EEE. Having been in two "broom cupboards" - one in the SAF and one in Blackett - since the start of the year, they had been looking for one single office to work from.

ICU President John Collins and Dr Roy Burns had been working with estates to find an acceptable location, with two being offered: a "dingy" cleaner's store cupboard in 10 Prince's Gate and the old print shop opposite the climbing wall off the walkway. On viewing both locations the 10 Prince's Gate option was deemed much less desirable, as a result of its poor size, dingy conditions, out-of-the-way location and lack of disabled access.

I shall inform you when the legal issues for the transfer of the space are finalised so that you can start moving your equipment.
Ghada Al-Madfai

With a clear preference for the print shop expressed, they received an email stating "I shall inform you when the legal issues for the transfer of the space are finalised so that you can start moving your equipment", which was taken to be an agreement.

Yesterday they received an email stating that the "Space Executive" had considered the request, but had allocated them the basement store room instead. The print office had gone to ICT media services, who seem to be looking to expand their external client base. The needs of a faculty union representing over 4,000 students seem to be secondary to this exercise.

It is simply pointless having an RCSU Office in Princes Gardens as it is too far away from any academic (natural sciences) department.
John Collins, ICU President

The RCSU and supporters of the print room option are understandably upset, as plans to move offices are now on hold. ICU President John Collins wrote the following in an email: "It is simply pointless having an RCSU Office in Princes Gardens as it is too far away from any academic (natural sciences) department." The room and access route to it have also been described as in "bad condition".

Richard Fautley, RCSU Vice President (Activities), described the entire RCSU as "furious at the descision, and the underhand way it has been conducted and communicated to us".

An online petition against the decision is available.

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Discussion about “Estates Deprive RCSU”

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Jan 12 2007 13:51

seems to me like a classic example of college totally ignoring the student population. Yet again they feel the need to give preference to a bunch of jumped-up nobodies over students who are actually paying for the 'privilage' of being here. 'media services' - who the hell are they??? and who is the 'Space executive' if it comes to that??

quite honestly I wonder where all this is going to lead, if the college feels it can ignore 1/3rd of the student body for the sake of trying to make a bit more money. Maybe they really do think they would be better off with no students getting in the way here.

Jan 12 2007 15:54

This is outrageous - why does the media centre have to be on the walkway? all they need are a few computers and a wifi connection. It seems wrong that through no fault of their own, RCS was split, and now it's back, but the office they used to have is gone - out of interest anyone know where the old RCS office was?

3. me   
Jan 12 2007 15:57

In all honesty, "the student population" doesn't care. I think most would struggle to tell you what ICU gives them (aside from societies and a place to drink), let alone the faculty unions.

Jan 12 2007 16:06

The old RCS office was next to the Jez garage on Unwin Road. Of course that wasn't exactly the best position for it, but it was a reasonable size, with a mezzanine level installed by RCS Motor Club.

It has since been converted into a garage for C&G Motor's Kart Section.

5. ...   
Jan 12 2007 16:16

Is providing societies and a place to booze not the main funcition of any union? I'd say "the student population" does care. What you are probably referring to is that there is not much enthusiasm for the so called governance side of the union. This is probably due to a combination of the dullness of council and the fact that your average student is too busy, possibly helping to run, a club or society.

Jan 12 2007 17:26

You should busk outside the Albert Hall with an amp and see how long it takes before you get arrested ;-)

Jan 12 2007 17:36

"me" is obviously one of the following:

1. a loner who sits in his/her room and corrects the mistakes in books about general relativity

2. an engineer

3. somebody who wanted to start a society like the physics professors appreciation society but got gunned down and is bitter now

4. or last, just plain stupid

the rcsu have run numerous events this year, have initiated the science challenge and, from what i've heard, are launching it beyond anybody's expectations this year, and have organised the most successful buddy schemes of late. this year's rag week should be amazing (fok vs. marrouche boxing) and if you've ever been to any of the club nites (zoobar to name one, but you probably prefer your biology book on a friday night, right?) you'd know how much effort they've put in. just because you're a lazy git and the union doesn't cater for people who dont leave their own 4 walls, doesnt mean you should criticise others, especially when you dont have the audacity to write your own name and are slagging off the work of dedicated volunteers.

Jan 12 2007 17:36

atul, you on crack bruv?

Jan 12 2007 17:36

wicked comment tho

Jan 12 2007 17:48

Forgive me for my total ignorance in this area, but why do people associated with RCSU and City and Guilds etc. always dress in those very odd, striped jackets?

Jan 12 2007 17:53

they did it for the photo bro...they dont wear that s**t in public. its already hard enough to get chicks at imperial, you dont wanna make ur life any harder

12. dumbo   
Jan 12 2007 20:40

I think the RCS should have a demonstration pretty quick since if the space is occupied by media services, there's no way of moving out and the only chance of a decent office will have gone

Jan 12 2007 22:05

LOL, uniondude, I understand they don't wear it all the time, but still, what's the reason for it when they do wear it?

Jan 12 2007 22:55

it's a long running tradition, just makes it obvious from the picture which faculty union they reprsent etc

Space is at a premium, but I'm sure they could find somewhere to put RCSU. Or maybe guilds could sublet some of their space....

Jan 13 2007 11:01

We've set up a petition to try and reverse the decision - you can sign it here:

Please sign it if you believe that student representation is important and cannot be undermined in this way, and that the role of all faculty unions is important enough to warrant the allowance of a decent workspace where we can do our job and meet YOU, the students we represent.

It's open to all, not just RCSU students. Thanks!

Jan 13 2007 16:56

I find it very interesting how our President finds it very easy to leak emails to the media when he sees fit, and this coupled with sabbs with motions of no-confidence against them - no wonder college fails to consider ICU to be a mature and professional institution!

Jan 14 2007 13:54

Congratulations Kilian, very well said. As an Imperial College Student who spends very little time inside my four walls as I am involved in 6 Imperial Societies and 1 ULU Society (on the committee of four), Felix, Student Staff (Bar and student activities centre), am on a CSC Exec and am a member of Council I agree that 'me' clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. As far as caring - this is rediculous I hope something can be done about it and soon. Good luck with the petition. Consider it signed.

Jan 14 2007 13:55

In response to the above:

1. The email relevant to this story was leaked by the RCSU President, who was copied into the emails between ICU and College.

2. There is nothing I can do to prevent a no confidence motion from being written, signed and submitted. ICU is a democratic organisation so any member may submit a motion if they wish.

Jan 14 2007 15:40

Yo, Jad should just go and sit in the proposed office. College couldn't move 'im cos he's a tough man. Especially if he takes Big Matty along

21. Hahaha   
Jan 15 2007 10:59

An online petition? Yea, that'll show 'em!

Jan 15 2007 18:24

it's so sad that you list what you're involved in. aside from that, honestly, your first comment as "me" shows how little you care and also how ignorant you are. and for the record, i had to ask who you were, because i certainly havent seen you around (upon facebooking your name), so you aren't half as "active" as you pretend to be. can it and do something for the union if you care oh so much, dont talk about yourself

Jan 15 2007 19:04

Some things never change, do they? *sigh*

Jan 15 2007 19:55

demonstration tomorrow (tuesday 16th jan) outside faculty building at 1230

Jan 15 2007 20:58

Demonstration of what? 10 reasons why you shouldn't mess with The Jad(TM)?

26. dolly   
Jan 15 2007 23:03

theres ample space in the field that is wye!

Jan 16 2007 22:05

'wowkirstyimpressmemore': I'm not me. I was agreeing with Kilian.

I am sorry if listing things I am involved in seemed sad. I suppose out of context it would be exceedingly so. However, I was using it to illustrate a point and back up my counter argument against 'me'.

If you use your real name, or maybe even email me, then I will make sure I introduce myself next time you are around the union. Sorry that you've missed me :D.

Jan 16 2007 23:17

Just to clarify, on reading my previous post to my previous post (I'm not very good at this clarifying game), it appears that some people may have taken me to be making a sarcastic comment. I wasn't. I sincerely meant to congratulate Kilian because I did infact whole heartedly agree with him.

I never post under an alis - so you know who I am when i'm posting.

Jan 17 2007 11:21


30. jimbob   
Jan 17 2007 21:38

Well, I think it's 'alias' you meant Kirsty. Anyway lets skip being a pedant with regards to who cares/doesn't/who's coming to my party/who-hit-who etc and get to the crux of the idea; squat or otherwise unwantedly occupy the office. Although it would mean that you can't leave it at night and there would always have to be someone in there. Then when they bring out security/the police/the bomb squad/the rector's chief financier executive, you could then move into the climbing wall 'corridor', which I believe is 'semi-public' space*, and then annoy the hell out of the IC Media services people in the actual office by making as much noise as possible.

One wonders what they would do.

*check legal issues. I presume it must be atleast a right of way in some way or another to students so as long as you're not obstructing people getting through...

Jan 18 2007 04:01

I wouldn't mind sleeping in college. Usually by the time I get home it's nearly time to go in again (I just got in from working in the union bar and have a shift starting in SAC in five hours... ouch!) so it would actually benefit me. Seeing as security probably won't allow me to sleep in the Felix office again...

I like protests. They are fun. Let's do it!

Jan 19 2007 01:40

kirsty how do you find time to do your famous volunteer work if all this time is spent doing paid work?

i thought you was in about 15 societies and 22 committees?

Jan 19 2007 01:57

Now it sounds like,

a) You've been speaking to Rosie who likes to exaggerate (like telling people I have my name on twenty tankards when I actually don't have my name on any yet),

b) You've been talking to my housemate who constantly tells me 'You do to much', or

c) You've been speaking to my coursemates who complain that they never see me anymore.

I don't think I could afford to be in fifteen societies, seven is quite enough, and there aren't enough hours in the day for twenty-two committees. And why is another thread becoming a personal attack on me by an anonymous stranger? I'm beginning to feel a bit victimised!

(What can I say - Live! is addictive once you get started!)

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