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RCSU Protest Outside Blue Cube

Jan 16 2007 13:56
Ashley Brown
The RCSU moved into a new office at lunchtime - opposite the entrance to the Blue Cube.
RCSU officers and supporters man the office

Members of RCSU and ICU's Sabbatical Officers arrived on Upper Dalby Court at lunchtime to show their opposition to College's "space executive", after it decided to allocate a basement store cupboard for the RCSU office.

The office was positioned directly in front of the entrance

The decision, described by Live!'s sources as "a mistake by a junior manager", has left them with a dingy office far away from any of their academic departments, which is worse than the broom cupboard they currently have.

Shortly after noon a desk appeared outside the doors to the Blue Cube, with filing cabinets, a sofa, fax machine and monitor joining soon afterwards. By the official start time of the protest at 12:30 a full office, complete with the RCSU committee and other students, was in operation. Copies of Broadsheet were available, along with a paper petition to complement the one currently online.

Chris Towler, Chair of the Space Executive, talks to the RCSU

While the protest was taking place ICU President John Collins entered the Faculty Building, bringing key College figures to the window to wave at the protesters below. These included Tony Mitcheson, the College Secretary; Peter Knight, the Faculty of Natural Sciences Principal and Chris Towler, who chaired the meeting where the decision was made. Mr Towler later came down to chat with the protesters.

The Rector is currently out of the country, however the Deputy Rector, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, stopped by on his way to lunch.

The laptop says it all

The protest appeared to cause a degree of concern to security initially, with the media approached to determine what was happening. Once the nature of the gathering had been established it was not disturbed, to the disappointment of those hoping to see RCSU President Jad Marrouche dragged off.

Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon, particularly with such a high profile protest sending a clear message to the residents of Blue Cube Level 4.

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Discussion about “RCSU Protest Outside Blue Cube”

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Jan 16 2007 14:53

well done guys, nothing like a good old-fashioned protest to get their attention!

Jan 16 2007 21:21

Nice office space that... open plan, plenty of ventilation, not exactly stingy on space either...

Jan 16 2007 23:30

There's also some rather nifty underfloor heating

Jan 16 2007 23:32

But the rats can fly!

Jan 16 2007 23:32

It was clearly made for the RCSU... but who stole the roof?

6. DB   
Jan 17 2007 11:18

Hope it made the point - I mean its not like the engineers and medics don't have a suitable office. Why should the RCSU struggle??

Jan 17 2007 11:24

All we needed was a pink roof and our office would have been in keeping with the character of Dalby Court.

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