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Fortress Plans Progress

Jan 19 2007 14:58
The Dark Knight
White boxes containing new CCTV cameras have started to appear on the campus, as part of the "Fortress Imperial" plans.
A new CCTV camera outside Huxley

New CCTV cameras are being installed as part of a plan to make the South Kensington campus more secure. The plan, which Live! previously referred to as "Fortress Imperial", will also see the introduction of turnstiles like those seen in Biochemistry.


Turnstiles similar to those in Chemistry will be installed along Prince Consort Road

The introduction of turnstiles has been delayed, much like any other College project. Ceri Davies, Head of College Security, told Live! that the current plan is to fit turnstiles at the entrances to the following buildings:

  • Huxley
  • Blackett
  • Aero
  • RSM

The project is still in the planning stage, however Aero and RSM entrances are now on swipe access only as they have lost their receptionists. The flow rate through the biochemistry/chemistry turnstiles has not been the subject of any complaints to security.


With the loss of reception staff new signage is due to be installed soon, to help guide visitors to their destinations. Temporary signs should be in place, however Mr Davies asked for feedback on any problems.

Mail Delivery

there has been quite a lot of positive feedback to the improved delivery service in those buildings that no longer have a receptionist
Ceri Davies, Head of Security

Concerns have been raised over the quality of mail delivery in some buildings, which reception staff were previously responsible for. Mr Davies has told Live! that there have been no complaints since early December once the new postal staff had got to grips with the new procedures. He also added: "there has been quite a lot of positive feedback to the improved delivery service in those buildings that no longer have a receptionist".

Frequent mis-deliveries of post to the CGCU office for members of staff in other offices (or indeed, other buildings) are being looked into.


Revolving .. for now at least

In unrelated building news, the airlock-style doors on the Dalby Court side of Tanaka have been replaced with a standard revolving door, presumably due to reliability problems with the old ones. The doors onto Exhibition Road are in a sorry state, with one set having lost its inner doors completely.

Sadly the revolving door does not seem much more reliable - on Wednesday it was not revolving, with the disabled access door fixed open instead.

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Discussion about “Fortress Plans Progress”

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Jan 20 2007 00:19

How exactly are turnstiles going to work in the RSM? It's rediculous! The entrance is narrow enough already. During exams in the first week of term a fire alarm went off. On the way down from the third floor I met the queue to evacuate at the second... Ten to fifteen minutes later... Now add turnstiles to the equation!

Oh and seeing as they replaced the swipe access to the building, helpfully during the holidays, when I came back to revise and do exams I found I couldn't get into my department. I finally managed to get my swipe card updated two days ago. I had to ring friends during my exams to let me in!

Jan 20 2007 11:26

You mean your swipe card actually needed to be replaced for you to get through the touch readers!! That's Rediculous!

Jan 21 2007 12:18

Yes... I was informed that seeing as I was a fresher last year I wouldn't need to update my card as they had already been done to let us into ETHOS. Clearly something went wrong because mine wasn't one of the new cards at all... helpful!

Jan 22 2007 00:40

It's like 1984!!! Rediculous!

5. sense   
Jan 22 2007 09:45

No, ridiculous is readers caring more about a spelling mistake in a comment than the story itself.

Jan 22 2007 10:20

Maybe, but you'd expect a second year student at Imperial to at least be able to spell words correctly!

Jan 22 2007 10:56

Rediculous idea!

Definately rediculous.

Jan 22 2007 16:09

Ridiculous: deserving or provoking ridicule; silly or absurd.


Ridicule (n): language, laughter, behaviour, etc intended to make someone or something appear foolish or humiliated; mockery or derision.

ETYMOLOGY: 17c: French, from Latin ridiculus: laughable, from ridere: to laugh.

Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses.

Jan 22 2007 18:16
Jan 23 2007 00:31

The more protection against Islamic extremists we have the better! We know all too well how they've infiltrated Imperial on a number of occasions. Hopefully such turnstiles and cameras will protect us from the likes of militant Jihadi IT support staff.

Jan 23 2007 03:55

Sorry. I never said I could spell.

Jan 23 2007 13:11

Surely turnstiles would be no defence against such a "threat" as "militant Jihadi IT support staff", as thet are staff, and hence free to roam

Jan 23 2007 13:12


Jan 24 2007 00:04

Oh, I took that to be a sarcastic comment...

16. Faizan   
Jan 25 2007 21:24

man that comment was ridiculous ..."student" im sorry to say but you've become the victim of the " unknown" .Besides have you ever come in contact with these " extremist" as labelled my the media ....ask your friends who have !!

Jan 29 2008 14:41

wel im looking for revolving door the breth 1m 80, heigh 2m 40 and minimum people to enter in the revolving door 5 people, and the other one is hiegh 2m 50 the breth is 1.50m the minimum people to enter in the door is one person.

18. so...   
Jan 29 2008 14:54

thats nice. what has it to do with Live?

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