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Court Places Still Unfilled

Jan 23 2007 12:16
Ashley Brown
A place still remains on the Union Court for someone from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, after Council RONned the candidates ... again.
The candidates

At last night's Council meeting the Union tried and failed to fill one of the last two places on the newly formed Union Court.

Medicine had 3 candidates for their place, while Natural Sciences fielded two for theirs. The Engineering place was filled at the last meeting by MatSoc chair Elly Jay.

I want the Court to be at the centre of conversation, the centre of influential change and the centre of important decisions. It is time for us to make an impact.
One of the candidates

Concerns had been raised about the quality of some of the candidates before the meeting - reading their manifestos some clearly had no idea what the Court is there for. The purpose of the Court is to ensure that Council does not break its own constitution or the law, as well as dealing with election and media complaints. This information is freely available on the ICU website, simply by searching for "Court".

The Union Court's function is to make sure that Union Officers and Committees follow the rules and regulations of the Union, including the Union Council.
Taken from the freely available Court web-page

The candidates from Medicine had a far clearer idea of what was going on, with Lara West providing the most credible answers and being elected. Neither of the Natural Sciences candidates seemed to have a clue, resulting in RON taking the election.

Council will try again next time, with another election for Court - will it be third time lucky? A number of ordinary members have also been removed for not showing up to two meetings, so elections for these positions will also be held at the next ordinary meeting. Contact the ICU President if you would like to stand for Court or Council.

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Discussion about “Court Places Still Unfilled”

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Jan 23 2007 13:53

Best laugh I've had at Council for ages.

Jan 23 2007 15:21

Of course, the "Medic" who was elected was actually a scientist, with much of her credibility coming from her experience as an RCSU officer, before starting a PhD that came under medicine instead.

Jan 23 2007 19:26

although the court is a nice idea, not being able to fill the position in the first year of it, let along a few years down the line when the excitment has worn off is just another sign of the bloated state of union politics. Council doesnt have a full roster of ordinary members, let alone court.

Jan 23 2007 23:52

We don't care if Lara is a Scientist or a Medic, at least she knows what she's talking about (even if she is ancient).

Jan 24 2007 00:00

It's not a case of people not being interested in these positions. We just keep RONing them. Hmmm...

Jan 24 2007 00:08

So basically no good people are interested in being on Council, so you have to create a talking shop for ex-Sabbs (Court) to get things sorted.

Nice! All this Governance Review stuff looks totally useful...

Jan 24 2007 00:18


Three ex-Sabbs, Two CCU Hacks, A man who never completed his degree here and a woman who plays golf, plus Lara.

How diverse...

8. mary   
Jan 24 2007 01:13


Jan 26 2007 18:58

Perpetual RONning? It's just like 1997!

10. Sam   
Jan 26 2007 23:13

Don't say that... we'll get Heeps back at this rate!

Jan 27 2007 00:34

Thankfully I wasn't around in 1997, but there are currently ... similarities ... to stories I have heard. They do say these things occur in cycles.

12. jess   
Jan 27 2007 00:54

like solar minimums

13. Sam   
Jan 27 2007 18:25

In those days, I would have said Andy Heeps was a Solar Eclipse - Unfortunately he looks a lot trimmer now, so all the jokes are redundant.

14. Seb   
Jan 29 2007 15:11

Niether an Ex-Sab, certainly completed my degree here, and resent the accusation I'm an ex-CCU hack! I voted to abolish the old RCSU.

Jan 30 2007 08:58

I think it is a good reflection on how seriously people are taking court that council is being really picky.

I just hope that in 5 years time people don't forget and the student members of Court don't become like the ordinary members of council...

...but then again in 5 years time some plucky young man (possibly an engineer), lets call him Don Hollins, will probably come along and overhaul our whole governance structure. You know, for s**ts and giggles. And the Queen will decide when to sack Sabbs and sabbs, and Council will be compulsary for all students and contribute towards your degree

and csc chairs will get paid

and there will be no RSM

and there will be 15 full-time paid Sabbs, including DP(Womens rights), DP(Bar Staff) and DP(spying on college spying on us)

16. ....   
Jan 30 2007 09:02

To be fair, 80% of Council members would also be RON'ned for these positions as most of them this year are s**t.

17. Seb   
Jan 31 2007 13:20


Erm... have you forgotten about previous debacles? Governance review was probably a big necesity in light of some previous presidents. S**ts and giggles? Normally I'd agree constitutional reviews etc. are council naval gazing, but not this one.

18. Simon   
Jan 31 2007 13:45

I'ts nice to know that Council isnt afraid to RON when the candidates simply are totaly unacceptable. Anyone at that meeting (even those that arent hacks) would know that the two Nat Sci candiates wouldn't have known their ass from elbow when it came to being a member of Court.

The prevelance of "i want to gain experience" and similar comments from durng the mini-hustings just showed how badly equiped they would be for the job.

I cant fault them for putting themselves forward, however maybe next time they wil try and aim for something a little more attainable given their level of experience......

19. ....   
Jan 31 2007 18:14

Unfortunately the court has given collins the chance to pass the buck at every opportunity, not taking responsibility for anything. Sounds like a very greasy political tactic to me - all the "glory", no risk. I'm sure he'd like a nice model union where all the students are activist sheep who love the nus.

20. Sam   
Feb 01 2007 00:15


Simple question.

Have you ever worn the regalia (and by that I mean jacket etc. not just an RCS scarf) of a CCU, past or present?

If the answer is yes (and I suspect it is), I'm afraid you are a CCU hack.

21. agrees   
Feb 01 2007 02:59

I've got to agree with .... above. The Court seems to be where JC dumps the things that might draw him flak (or get him sued, if we lived in a crazy parallel universe where a sabb who was no confidenced would suddenly turn round and try to sue the Union - laughable).

However, Hamish and co seem to be competent as hell, as well as being massive pedants (and this is necessary for such a body).

22. Seb   
Feb 01 2007 15:28

Sam: Nope. Never :P

Even my scarf is just a knock off copy of a friends RCSU scarf that they did for me at a Cambridge shop. And that was only because I wanted to confuse the Oxford peeps out here in the blasted wastelands I have been exiled to.

I was chronicaly alergic to the RCSU after freshers week when they renaged on their promise of doughnuts.

23. Seb   
Feb 01 2007 15:36

.... and agrees:

If you want to see a truly bad model with regards to activist sheep vs. allpowerful trustees, check out Kings, I think it is, which is now run by a trustee board. I have heard a certain Sabb suggest he made a mistake in not going for that model instead...

It's always ballancing act. It is certainly better than previous situations where constitutional interpretations were decided by the President. That has been abused before horribly. I think the less situations that get referred to the court the better. It's only supposed to act as a check on rampant abuses and ensure the Union doesn't do anything illegal abd get sued by anyone. Low risk in some cases, yes, but incredibly high cost.

24. fatty   
Feb 15 2007 14:08


25. Sam   
Feb 16 2007 01:13

Sorry, which Fat Bastard are you referring to?

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