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BP EBI goes to Berkeley

Feb 01 2007 22:32
Ashley Brown
Imperial has been unsuccessful in its bid for the BP Energy Biosciences Institute, which has been awarded to UC Berkeley.
A new building in place of Mech Eng is still planned, but without the BP-branded taxis

BP's $500m Energy Biosciences Institute has been awarded to the University of California, Berkeley and its partners, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

What hope did we have against Arnie?

Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, offered an extra incentive to site the EBI in his state earlier this year by pledging additional funding to supplement BP's contribution. Mr Schwarzenegger said:

"I'm proud that the private sector has recognized California's leadership and commitment to clean energy. This is a perfect complement to our new low-carbon fuel standard which will cut carbon emissions 10 percent from our cars by the year 2020, and with research facilities like the Energy Biosciences Institute, California will continue to be a leader in the Cleantech industry."

Imperial and the University of Cambridge were the UK's bidders for the institute, with Imperial considering housing it in a new building in the place of the three-storey section of Mechanical Engineering, next to Tanaka. This building is still likely to go ahead, but with Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics moving in instead.

In the centenary launch lecture the Rector, Sir Richard Sykes, revealed that the College was to create a Climate Change Institute for research into global warming effects and mitigation technologies. Sustainable energy was also identified as a key research area for the future: this will now have to be done without the support of BP.

With the BP EBI funding having gone to the United States, there is still a gap in the UK for an institute for sustainability research, funded by the British government and industry.

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Discussion about “BP EBI goes to Berkeley”

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Feb 02 2007 01:54

Well done Berkeley!!

Go Bears! Cal rules!

Oh, wait...

Feb 02 2007 08:56

A new building in place of Mech Eng will further the cause of climate change mitigation... by showing just how unpleasant a greenhouse can be!

Feb 02 2007 17:31

Think of all that steel and concrete they will inevitably use in a 'Foster and Partners' (TM) (or similar) designed piece of environmental and economically inefficient 'architecture'. I always look up and wonder why there is such a high and ugly ceiling in the Tanaka and so much empty space - it's hardly the Sistine chapel. How the college didn't think to select bids on a basis of efficient use of space and materials is really shocking. I'd like to see something more sustainable personally... (and anyone who thinks Foster's claim that the 'gherkin' is 'eco friendly' really needs to get a grip)

Oct 30 2007 21:37

i love arnold movies.vere,vere,!!!!!much

Oct 31 2007 22:40

UC Berkeley is a model that Imperial can look towards.

6. ha   
Feb 10 2008 06:03


7. This post has been deleted.
Feb 26 2008 11:38
8. badri   
Mar 21 2008 13:52

salut cava m arlande je vous souhaite le bien venu a l'americe pour me voir ton vasage comme un chat o un pittbull

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