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RAG Week Kicks Off

Feb 05 2007 08:21
The Dark Knight
The annual week of mayhem has arrived, with plenty of fun to be had all through the week. RAG accepts no responsibility for any trips to the police station.
Jez raises money for RAG last year

RAG week is here! Over the next week a variety of fund-raising madness will take place, including charity collections, dressing up, dressing down, running around, cream, auctions and probably copious amounts of beer.

The cream will fly

The Hit Squad is back, carrying out hits on targets all week. This year it is run by the RCSU instead of "not" being run by CGCU. Live! hopes this tradition will return to its rightful home next year. The obligatory Queen's Tower tours will also take place all week.

The RAG mag returns this year and will be on sale this week - it looks sure to offend absolutely everybody. At the same time you can buy a 2007 RAG t-shirt which, according to RAG chair Stephen Brown, "have come in a very effette baby blue".


RCSU Blind Date & Traffic Light Party

Monday sees the RCSU Blind Date & Traffic Light Party. £2 entry gets you a free drink and entertainment all night. Remember to come dressed appropriately:

  • Red: I'm taken
  • Yellow/Orange: I'm easily swayed
  • Green: I'm available

Should be more fun than the no-confidence motion it clashes with.


Pub Golf

Get yourself dressed up in your best golfing attire and head out for a round of pub golf. Imperial College Union encourages responsible drinking, so don't stay in the union bars too long.


RAG Raid

Complete the challenges!

The big fund-raising event of the year: teams will swarm London in the afternoon looking to relieve tourists and residents of their cash, all in the name of charity. Take part in a variety of challenges and get back in time for the evening's entertainments.

The RCS motorised mascot Jezebel is available for any team wishing to travel in style. As a bus she is allowed to drive down Oxford Street, providing plenty of opportunities to increase your takings. Contact the if you'd like to Raid with Jez. [Ed - yes, that was a shameless plug]


CGCU Slave Auction

Some of the slaves: merchandise of varying quality

On Thursday a variety of human merchandise will be for sale in the Union Bar from 7pm. CGCU President James Fok will be available for those wishing to buy a small but powerful slave, while those looking for a slave with a large ego need look no further than the Vice President (Activities) Borja Sordo de la Pena.

Also available are the Vice President (Finance and Societies) Boon Koh, RAG Chair and Felix Comment Editor Stephen Brown and former CGCU President Siddarth Singh. The miners are tearing themselves away from rock doctoring for a while to field the delightful Elly Jay and Helen Warren.

Lecturers Quiz

A variety of lecturers from the sciences will go head-to-head in the RCSU Lecturers Quiz, held in Blackett LT1 from 6pm. This University Challenge-style content will see College departments slug it out for supremacy.

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Discussion about “RAG Week Kicks Off”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 05 2007 11:42

If anyone would like to order a 'hit' from the RCS Hit Squad, please ontact me at .uk

Feb 06 2007 11:32

hmn. Rich can I order a hit man for you?

Feb 06 2007 11:33

What's happened to the barbershop quartet serenading this year? I thought Rag was usually timed with valentine's day for that or has Artsfest clashed big style?

Feb 06 2007 12:53

Obvious question perhaps - but why are RCS organising hitsquad this year instead of C&G?

Feb 06 2007 14:14

RCSU are organizing hit-squad this year mainly because Guilds are cr*p and are cowering at the immense power that is the RCSU and their almighty ruler, Jad the Great.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the RCS, are you in good voice?

Feb 06 2007 15:26

Because spilt cream splodges would actually be an improvement for those horrid purple jackets!

7. hehe   
Feb 07 2007 00:54

C&G have 'never' organised hit squad, hope RCSU get squashed by college for their irresponsible behaviour, surely an FU has more important things to do...a bunch of people doing something for rag is different to an FU of course...

Feb 07 2007 21:01

If you haven't gone to union reception to buy a RAG Mag, I strongly recommend you go and get one. It's absolutely hilarious...

Feb 09 2007 12:42

Well Done! I was denied access to the Queen Tower today on the basis that my donation was unacceptable, being under the suggested 3 pounds. If they are going go EXTORT money from students, the least they could do is put that in their advertising. Compulsory donations is a nice oxymoron, I wonder whether they report the money as donations or ticket fees..

Feb 09 2007 12:47

Viktor you cheapass.

Feb 09 2007 14:24

i saw plenty of people on my tour paying less that £3, but offering a lot less is obviously insulting to the spirit of RAG. plus they seemed to be turning people away so why should a tightwad get to go when more money could be raised? isn't that the point anyway?

Feb 09 2007 15:59

You offered SEVEN PENCE. It's for charity!

Feb 09 2007 17:21

Anon no2: Insulting to the spirit of RAG? :) How about next time you try to get into your department someone asks you for £5 and says they won't let you in unless you pay. After all, it will be insulting to the spirit of WNDH or whatever if you don't pay. Repeat that with £50 pounds.. On a side note, have a look at the RCSU RAG week website ( and the Live! report ( Neither elaborate charity giving in any form, only offer a juxtaposed excuse for yet another party week.

As I replied to Jad via email, when I decide to give money to charity, I've got plenty of opportunities just in front of my house. A girl I saw scrambling through the trash container searching for a disposed jacket because she was cold was a more tangible recipient for my money than some new Oil-for-Food quasi-charitable organisation run by someone who drives a Lexus.

The only reason I am not pushing this furher (I am sure RCSU had no reason to not allow me access to college property they were probably bound to use in a certain manner), is my respect towards the RAG chair Stephen Brown, and the fact that I really enjoy his witty comments during Council sessions.

Anon no3: Correction, I offered EIGHT pence. And even more so, you accepted my donation, and took my money. :) And yes, the tour consisted of only 10 people, not preventing someone else *outbidding* me for my place..

At any rate, that's what mistakes are for. They'll learn something from this, and hopefully not do it again. :)

Feb 09 2007 17:27

Yes there was one gentleman who thought that 7p constituted a fair donation. If someone only had £2 on them then that is fair enough but 7p is just plain offensive. Exactly why should volunteer officers give up their time to run tours to raise money for RAG for a couple of tightass losers to try and take the p*** in this way? Asking people to make a reasonable donation that reflects the time and effort that has been spent on organsing the event is not "EXTORTION", you prick!

Feb 09 2007 17:44

What i don't understand is why this Viktor guy isn't more ashamed of himself. Dude, if you wanna be a cheap-a**e then fair enough, but you seem to be proud of it. Most people would wanna hide it if they're not even willing to spare 3 quid for charity...

Feb 09 2007 18:15

Viktor - your comments indicate that you think you have a right to go into the tower. You don't. It is shut most of the year: nearly half the days it is open during the year are for RAG week. People can only get in because the RCSU took the time and effort to organise it, then spent time guiding them up the tower.

Offering 8p for that is disgraceful, particularly from a member of Council who should be supporting the efforts of union officers. You should at least take time to research how RAG works before mouthing off. Both of the links you cited refer to "charity" and "fund-raising" right at the start - what did you expect, free events all week to raise money from thin air?

Remember that union officers - including almost everyone in the room when you got elected to council - have contributed time, effort and money this week to make events happen.

Feb 09 2007 18:53

Ashley - Maybe for you and the people that have rich parents to support them through college 8p is not a lot of money. I grant it takes a certain wider view of the world stance at the moment to realize this, but many people are not as privileged as to consider 8p a minuscule nuisance they can just throw away, let alone £3.

Although your writing makes for a more cohesive text than the other angry and frustrated people that commented, you still haven't addressed the issue at hand. I was impelled into making a forced donation. Is that along the lines of the RAG spirit? I would have gladly given 3 pounds to go up if I had them on me at the moment. But what about the student loan burdened guy that can't take out money from the cash machine?

Being a foreigner and a recent addition to this city's populace I've noticed that charity donation tends to be something that the vice indulgent SouthKen type likes as much as the EastEnd Guardian reader. It appears that it somehow makes their hearts at piece having given 3 pounds to charity, it allows them to go on with their flamboyant lifestyle until another guy screams:"Help for charity" where they Beckham-esqly step in and save the day with their 3 pounds change from the latest vodka-redbull. I'll be in Skopje for a few weeks during the summer. You're free to come by and I'll give you a tour of all the places where you can find people to help. And bring the people that were burdened with going up and down in the tower, they could use their energy unloading UN food supplies.

To sum up. I wanted to go up the tower, see the view and take a few photos. Was asked for money. Did not have money on me. Was not allowed to go up. Issue closed. :)

18. advice   
Feb 09 2007 19:01



Stop digging.

19. Wan   
Feb 09 2007 19:55

"I was impelled into making a forced donation."

No you weren't. You don't HAVE to go up the tower you plank.

20. tourer   
Feb 09 2007 20:09

Just a note Victor- the tours went full, thats 18+2 guides. as college permits

Feb 09 2007 20:15


1) I know for a fact that many of the people who have given money struggle every term with their bills and have ever increasing debts. How do they manage to donate? They skip that last drink at the pub, or miss an expensive meal out.

2) Many of those people who have trouble paying the bills donate something else: time. If you really want to go up the tower and can't afford it, help run the tours (although I'm sure the people running the tours have put their own money in too).

3) If you don't like the charity, suggest one you think is more worthy: one of the UK-based international aid agencies perhaps, which give out large sums of money every year donated by the vice-indulgent SouthKen types? The charities change every year and I would think the RAG committee is happy to hear suggestions.

4) Then of course people at Imperial do things like the El Salvador project in Civil Engineering.

So the messages are simple: You don't have to donate money if you can't afford it, there are other ways to contribute. You don't have to donate to a charity you don't like, suggest another one to RAG. And of course, you don't have to go up the tower.

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