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Core Reopens as Vandalism Continues

Feb 09 2007 16:35
Ashley Brown
The Union finally has use of the central core in Beit, after nearly half a year of building work.
The core is a fetching shade of blue - the lift shaft is in, but no new lift yet

Those who visit Beit towers or the bars on a regular basis will have noticed that the central core is now re-open, with only a few visible signs of building work left. New doors which actually fit have been installed to comply with the disability discrimination act, after a false start where they were the wrong size.

Work is still not complete as finishing touches are being put onto some areas, but the core is mostly clean and open. The lift is expected to be delivered during March, but those who have been following the saga of failed predictions during this project will be well aware of their accuracy. Perhaps a lift will arrive by the summer!

The next phase will see a mezzanine level installed in the gym to hold a new student activities centre.


The east toilets have been the subject of vandalism recently

The reopened core came just in time, as the male toilets on the east side of the ground floor were shut on Thursday following damage caused by vandalism. Those toilets have been a problem since last term, with damage including hand dryers being pulled off the walls.

At some point during Superbowl night on Sunday the cubicles were damaged, with further abuse in subsequent nights causing them to collapse completely.

It is not known who the culprits are, or whether they are Imperial students or people from elsewhere.

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Discussion about “Core Reopens as Vandalism Continues”

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Feb 09 2007 23:02

Now I'm not usually one for pedantry (because my english grammar is far from adequate) but 'off of' is one of those things which sends shivers up my spine. I think my main problem with it is remembering how shrily my mum shreeks when Weather Girls use it all the time.

Feb 10 2007 00:55


Feb 10 2007 01:40

Ah you see I covered myself in advance this time...

Feb 10 2007 16:13

Woah, has anyone seen the awesome sex toy vending machine in the mens? Now I can finally buy a "rabbit vibrator" whilst having a pee

Feb 10 2007 19:55

They used to have those in the loos in my local pub when I was at sixth form. I'm sure they can't have been aimed at the old pensioners who usually drank there so it could only have been the kids bunking off school.

Do they have furry handcuffs and studded condoms in aswell? (Not that I want any mind...)

Feb 11 2007 11:31

Why are they only in the men's toilets?

7. C.   
Feb 11 2007 15:42

They're not, you'll be pleased to hear you can also buy glow in the dark condoms and flashing nipples in both the women's and men's toilets.

Feb 12 2007 09:38

Yep, they have handcuffs as well.

So far all I've seen is a lonely looking inflatable sheep in the bar on Friday night.

Is this some kind of ploy to increase bar take? In a typical Imperial way here is my logic

Imperial students = too scared to have sex

Vending machine = too much for these sexually repressed scientists to handle

beer = confidence

... its obviously working, how do YOU think all the cubicles in the mens fell over?

Feb 19 2007 16:39

im just curious how much exactly was spent on the core as it doesnt really look to be a good investment thus far unless it was the odd 10g or so

10. DDA   
Feb 19 2007 16:56

The main expense was the big lift, most of which was a necessary cost for disabled access.

11. pg   
Feb 19 2007 17:01

And which still isn't finished!

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