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Sabbatical Farce Becomes Election

Feb 14 2007 00:24
Ashley Brown
The 2007 sabbatical farce looks like it has become a real election, with no position uncontested.
This could get complicated!

As nominations for sabbatical elections and NUS delegates closed at midnight there were no fewer than seven candidates for President, some taking it seriously and some not. The Deputy President (Education & Welfare) and Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) positions both have two candidates each, with the role of Deputy President (Finance & Services) having four candidates. Three people are vying for the position of Felix Editor next year, while fourteen people will fight to attend Imperial's first NUS conference for thirty years. All positions also have Re-open Nominations standing.

Both experienced names and newcomers are present, demonstrating that a wide group of people have taken interest in the elections, even if some have admitted they are in it for a laugh. The profile of elections is certainly higher as a result, with a total of 18 people standing for sabbatical positions this year.

Live! has asked all of the candidates to provide us with a brief biography of their Union activities and a photo, so you can put a face and real person to the names. Look out for that as part of our elections coverage.

At the close of nominations the following candidates were fully seconded on the elections system:

President (7)

  • Stephen Brown
  • Diogo Geraldes
  • Julian Giannuzi
  • Ben Harris
  • Jon Matthews
  • Ben Schneider
  • Sophie Spillard

Deputy President (Finance & Services) (4)

  • Anthony Calder
  • Andrew Holland
  • Christopher Larvin
  • Hugh Stickley Mansfield

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) (2)

  • Alexander Balikhin
  • Alistair Cott

Deputy President (Education & Welfare) (2)

  • Aditya Narayanan
  • Kirsty Patterson

Felix Editor (3)

  • Emily Lines
  • Thomas Roberts
  • Felix Sinclair

NUS Delegates

And the following people were standing for the NUS delegate positions:

  • Stephen Brown
  • Ashley Brown
  • James Fok
  • Alexander Guite
  • Ben Harris
  • Omar Hashmi
  • Edmund Hunt
  • Andreas Koukos
  • Kee Ng
  • Umar Patel
  • Kirsty Patterson
  • Emma Persky
  • Camilla Royle
  • Timothy Wilson

Re-open Nominations (RON) stands for all positions.

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Discussion about “Sabbatical Farce Becomes Election”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. An0n   
Feb 14 2007 03:09

Seeing as members of the Union seem incapable voting RON when the candidates are sub-standard, it is good to see a good selection to chose from for a change!

Finally we have an "election", rather that what was has been in a number of cases, a "coronation" of the uncontested candidate.

Can't wait to see the Bios and Manifestos.

2. Query   
Feb 14 2007 10:33

Remind me, how many places are there for NUS delegates?

Feb 14 2007 10:36

I believe 9 delegates go, of which one is the President, leaving 8 to be elected.

Feb 14 2007 12:26

It's interesting to note that there are 2 current sabbs standing for president, at least one of which campaigned to have 2-year sabbs banned....

Feb 14 2007 14:00

The other argued strongly against the ban.

Feb 14 2007 15:36

Clearly the sabbatical who campaigned to ban two year sabbaticals was flattered that the paper fell at council. You could take this to mean that they simply wanted him back...

...or I remember something along those lines being said at the time. :D

Feb 14 2007 17:45

If a serving Sab is demonstrably the best for the job, then surely it is best for this union that they get it?

The problem was when Sab used the position of power to actively campaign for the elections, most notably when serving presidents re-ran for the same post, giving them a totally unfair advantage.

Then again..... it could be said that Faculty Union Presidents have an equal or greater sway on the voting direction of the members of their faculty than a DP has on that of the Union as a whole, and we don't complain about them running do we?

Having worked with both of the sabs in question, i think both make strong candidates based on their own merits, rather than the exposure that their position gives.

Feb 14 2007 18:40

I agree.

Go Ben!!!!

... and Jon...

and Steve and Diogo and Sophie and Julian and the other guy I forgot...

and all the other candidates...

...crikey what a line up!

Feb 14 2007 19:27

You gave Ben 4 exclamation marks and hence you have given him greater prominence than the other candidates.

Ben is disqualified.

Feb 15 2007 04:58


Go Ben H!!!! and Jon!!!! and Steve!!!! and Diogo!!!! and Sophie!!!! and Julian!!!! and Ben S!!!! (I remembered) and Alistair!!!! and Alexander!!!! and Kirsty!!!! and Aditya!!!! and Chris!!!! and Hugh!!!! and Anthony!!!! and Emily!!!! and Tom!!!! and Felix!!!! and RON!!!!

I'm sure I forgot someone again. I think it was a DPFS candidate...

Does that stop Ben getting disqualified?

11. Doctor   
Feb 15 2007 10:06

Kirsty, put down the sugar bowl and pour yourself a nice big glass of calm-down juice.

Feb 15 2007 11:15

You forgot to mention me!!!

Lawsuits! Call the UN! This is a shambles of a democracy!!!!

Feb 15 2007 11:31

Who, me? :)

Oh bollocks. I'm clearly no good at this anonymous post thing.

Apologies to Andrew!!!!! (See you get an extra ! to make up for it. :D)

14. Sam   
Feb 16 2007 01:20


You post too much on Live. You need to concentrate more on your campaign, otherwise you might lose, to someone I've never heard of. Tragic.

Feb 16 2007 03:51

I'm not allowed to campaign when I'm on payroll. Which is unfortunately most of the time. So when I'm bored I post on Live! Or when everyone else is asleep and I am still in SAC at 11:30pm. I think I might just work too much. :D

(I have been working on my campaign for several months because I knew it clashed with Artsfest, Green Week and Fairtrade Fortnight so I would have no time to do anything. Now I have the problem of too much material and need to cut it down... Anyone on RWB will recognise this problem from my 'short' reports which turn out to be seven pages long.)

16. An0n   
Feb 16 2007 09:05

Well....... at least you don't make us spend 30min arguing about a single letter in an acronym!

that was an interesting meeting.......

Feb 16 2007 18:15

"members of the union seem incapable of voting RON when the candidates are sub-standard"? My, how standards have slipped over the last decade, from the heady days of RON defeating a sole candidate by over one thousand votes to one hundred and something...

18. jess   
Feb 17 2007 02:22

i voted ron for almost every position last year.


helping union politics since 2001

19. An0n   
Feb 17 2007 03:08

I always vote RON when there is either a single candidate running for a position, or no electable candidate running for a position.

Unfortunately the rest of the union does not seem to believe there is a minimum acceptable standard for sabbatical officers, instead voting for the "best of a bad lot".

*sigh* You can lead a horse to water......

Feb 17 2007 04:42

To An0n - yes, yes it was. At least when Ben asked me if I wanted to discuss my papers I said 'God, no!'. It's bad enough that everyone had to read my attempt to compete with war and peace without me chatting about it for a few hours.

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