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College U-Turn Over RCSU Office

Feb 14 2007 21:26
William the Conquerer
The campaign by the RCSU to get a new office just off the walkway has been successful, with RCSU President Jad Marrouche picking up the keys today.
Alex Guite, Jon Matthews and Jad Marrouche remove the last remnants of Office Depot

The Imperial College "Space Executive", the body which oversees the use of space in College, has decided backtrack on its decision to award the RCSU a dungeon in Princes' Gate. The former Office Depot room, which was assigned to ICT's Media Services division, has now been given to the RCSU.

The protest in which students from the RCSU set up an office outside the Faculty Building, along with pressure from both staff and students has had the desired effect. The RCSU are now able to move out of their broom cupboards and into an office with view. Conveniently, it comes with two purple chairs as well.

Thank you to all those students who signed our petition and joined our protest: you had the audacity to show that the student voice still matters!
RCSU President Jad Marrouche

RCSU President Jad Marrouche was "delighted" at the agreement and went on to say "I'd particularly like to thank John Collins, Alex Guite, and our friends at the Faculty of Natural Sciences for helping us achieve this latest milestone, but most importantly thank you to all those students who signed our petition and joined our protest: you had the audacity to show that the student voice still matters!"

The RCSU will be moving into EEE room 215D in a matter of days.

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Discussion about “College U-Turn Over RCSU Office”

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1. Neil   
Feb 14 2007 22:43

Congrats to Jad, thanks to his constant effort RCSU has become a firmly established union after only six months.

2. Obama   
Feb 14 2007 23:32

I have the audacity to hope...

3. Ed   
Feb 15 2007 00:30

well done guys!! good office, good location

Feb 15 2007 04:45

'Audacity' has taken a completely new meaning in my mind since I started reading about the presedential campaign in America.

Now Im just trying to work out if 'Obama' is Ben 'Fluffy' Harris or Alex 'NUS' Guite...?

Feb 15 2007 08:23

Congrats all round! that's a fantastic achievement.

Feb 15 2007 09:28

Kirsty: you mean Alex "Cheesy Soundbite" Guite, surely?

Feb 15 2007 09:52

Congratulations - brilliant news. I remember getting Broadsheet printed there a few times as it happens, looks like Office Depot gave up when we took our business elsewhere.

When's the official ribbon cutting? Has Alex drafted a soundbite yet?

8. Emily   
Feb 15 2007 09:58

Jad you are the man

9. cynic   
Feb 15 2007 10:04

That quote attributed to Jad sounds suspiciously like a Alex Guite soundbite.

Foul play, I say.

Feb 15 2007 10:06

The "Guitebite" for the office was regarding the climbing wall. Something along the lines of:

"we have a climbing wall outside because we are on the way up"

Feb 15 2007 11:22

OK, I like that one! It made me giggle! It couldn't have been said by anyone else.

Erm... Office Depot are still around. They've been relegated to the basement where they cannot print in the correct colours and their machines break down suspiciously when you ask them to reprint them because they are wrong. Hmmm...

12. Sam   
Feb 16 2007 01:22

Their print studio has always been in the basement, it is only their public face that is on the walkway.

One suspects that as most people phone or email them, a physical presence was an unnecessary expense.

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