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New Felix Website Launches

Feb 16 2007 15:18
Nick Simpson
The long awaited revamp of the Felix website is complete with the website launching earlier today.
The new website mimics the blue of this year's Felix

The observent may have noticed the Felix website had been replaced with a place holder screen for many months, during redevelopment by the firm Retiarius. This morning the new site came online, featuring a completely new layout, with weather information to boot.

Found at the new site currently features predominantly old news, the newest article on the frontpage is dated October 6th 2006, excluding the note on the launch of the new website.

Please be patient with us while we iron out the last few bugs. We'll also be adding more features over the coming weeks.
Dave Ingram, Felix Website

Students can now register with the website, allowing access to commenting and 'voting'. It appears registration details have been carried over from the previous incarnation of the site - on logging in there are little if any interactive features available. Admittedly the welcome note does mention there are a few bugs being ironed out.

One major new addition is the ability to Digg and Facebook articles - a dead set winner for many Imperial Facebook addicts. Overall the website looks to better promote Felix online and is head and shoulders above the previous version.

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Discussion about “New Felix Website Launches”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Feb 16 2007 15:35

i think we should discuss what students perceive to be the quality of the felix newspaper this year.

i myself have found it atrocious to read, riddled with spelling errors and boring articles, littered with c**ppy advertisments and downright rude. Take note of what the editor said about two of the page 3 models: they are "not conventionally good looking". what a disgusting jibe from a wimpy guy with hair that looks like an old mop

Feb 16 2007 15:38

i have to agree with the previous statement. rupert may not have been a great guy, but at least his paper was a good read. now all i see is a s**t layout where roughly half the pages serve as some sort of half-advertisment half-union hubub c**p that nobody reads and the cover stories, as well as most of the paper, seems to be written by that jackass sykes. is he related to the rector? what a loser.

ps he looks like ernie from sesame street, just a bit uglier

Feb 16 2007 15:48

If its that bad then why don't you go and offer to write? After all, it is your paper. If however you have offered to write and Andy has rejected it then that is a different matter.

4. dumbo   
Feb 16 2007 19:02

to nobheads:

that was an example of an insanely stupid retort. you are obviously working for felix and excuse your half-ass job at creating a newspaper by saying "well if you want something better, do it yourself".

i'm not interested in writing, i'm interested in reading a good student newspaper. just because i dont want to take something into my own hands doesnt mean i dont have the right to (rightly, as has every other student at imperial) critisize something that is not being done well.

and if nobheads=andy sykes or any member of the felix staff...make a decent paper instead of wasting your time here looking for bright ideas.

Feb 16 2007 19:11


we can't all change everything we don't think is up to scratch. thats why people have one job and not a million. that's when competition comes in to force out s**ty companies, ideas etc. you obviously havent thought much an have just decided to retire in the idea that yes, your newspaper is c**p, and no, you cant be bothered to do anything about it and it doesnt matter because the student body doesnt want to be there to change it for you.

get a life! make a damn newspaper that isnt a bin liner!

and CUT ANDY'S HAIR!!! i just saw him in the union he looks like a tramp. its not style

Feb 16 2007 19:21

As Andy himself would say, Roffle.

Felix will gratefully recieve and consider all and any constructive criticism. Felix will also tell anyone who just whinges where to stick their poorly thought-out posts, so you will not be listened to. Bravo! The revolution is nigh!


Big Matty Esq.

Dutchy of Croydon

Music reviewer 2004-05

Politics Editor and News-person 2005-06

Partially retired but still writing when possible 2006-07

an someon who can speil proper, like, LOLZ!

Feb 16 2007 20:46

to the t**t who made posts 1,2 and 4 - go and get a life.

Feb 16 2007 23:49

The front cover of felix has been filled by


2. Jon Matthews

anyone got a copy of all the felixes and can list the front cover story e.g.

1. Sabbs getting sued

9. pg   
Feb 17 2007 00:22

1357. Sabbaticals to be sued?

1358. A free student press?

1359. Wye student injured after drink contest

1360. More papers under threat

1361. Referendum to decide on joining NUS

1362. Ex-president disregarded constitution

Other headlines off the top of my head:

Guildsheet impounded

10. jess   
Feb 17 2007 02:18

RIGHT next person to slag off andy gets a visit from the boys

i love his hair

his curly beautiful hair

watch yourselves

Feb 17 2007 11:27

uuuuuuuuuuuggggggggh f**kin priks ROFL

Feb 17 2007 12:29

well i think the new website's very funky

13. ROFL   
Feb 17 2007 12:36

What a tit! The student body IS there to change felix if they are unhappy with it. Everyone apart from Andy is a volunteer and would be easily replaced if someone better came along.

It probably isn't just Felix you rant about in an unaccountable manner on Live, just another sad loser spending the best years of his/her life sniping at others on message boards.

Feb 17 2007 19:14

Big Matty, you should probably be a bit more careful if you're going to criticise someone else's spelling - Recieves? Dutchy?

My my.

There's no accounting for taste, and you can't please all of the people (etc)...

However, I take umbrage (yes, umbrage I say) at the mere idea that the spelling and grammatical correctness Felix this year is any worse than last year. Simply not true. As long as the majority of students here at Imperial mantain their inability to write articulate and elegant prose, Felix will ALWAYS be riddled with errors. I have yet to see anyone (including the damned departments themselves) properly spellcheck anything at this university, let alone check for grammar.

The rest is taste specific....

As for the "boring articles"... what the hell actually happens here? Is there some cache of miraculously fascinating stories affecting the student body that Felix has managed to miss? Do you people ever DO anything besides moan about how much you dislike the status quo, not even considering making a stand of your own and changing something?

Felix ain't perfect... nor is it consistantly scandalous, provocative, or revealing. It has a few things that last year didn't, though: Integrity, an enjoyable atmosphere, and an editor who listens to people. For all of your criticism of Mr. Sykes, he will have read this and actually cared about pleasing the student body rather than himself; and at least this year's Felix isn't modelled on the Daily Mail.

As it stands, Felix is perfectly and obviously representative of this entirely hollow shell of an institution: it's a distillation of the whole ethos.

Everything semi-worthwhile and interesting here is acheived and fought for by a tiny, tiny minority. A handful of people who slog their guts out and herniate themselves attempting to batter down the smug doors of arrogant and ignorant apathy that are created, defended and constantly rebuilt by you (the whining student body at large). All you do in reaction, as people struggle to change this place for the better: you moan, you sit at home, you complain about your workload, and you wonder why the third best university in the country (ninth in the world) is such a miserable experience.

Feb 19 2007 08:45

first, learn how to spell yourself..ahems "mantain"...

second, "As it stands, Felix is perfectly and obviously representative of this entirely hollow shell of an institution: it's a distillation of the whole ethos."

  • -> dude, where do you go to college??? have you never been out with medics? have you never enjoyed your life? do you live in the union part of beit quad? shutup and get to know real imperial students, not just the brehs up there joking about politics and wanking over their textbooks
Feb 19 2007 08:45

cool, i'm liking that auto-bulletting

Feb 19 2007 15:21

the thing i find most annoying about felix this year is the way the prejudices of the militantly atheist editor keep on coming to the fore

Feb 20 2007 16:24

Man, I must've been away when "THERE IS NO GOD SUCKAS!" was on the front page of Felix.

Just the other week, members of a Christian group came into Felix to suggest the idea that each religion/belief/theism talk about their beliefs each week. Andy was really enthusiastic about the idea, even though they have yet to elaborate on it.

Expressing your views in an OPINION column and saying that is just your opinion doesn't have an effect on the Union news, Reviews section and Puzzles. And if you are talking about the horoscopes, well, I write all the ones with religious themes being a confirmed Catholic with agnostic leanings.

Sometimes with all this talk of Islam, gay adoption, morals and ethics, it seems the only balanced view is the Atheist view-point.

Mar 03 2007 17:02

When is this new website actually going to start hosting up-to-date content? It's a bit pointless without it... as nice as it looks.

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