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RSM Launch Campaign to Save Claud's

Feb 17 2007 19:03
William the Conquerer
The Royal School of Mines CSC is joining the petition season, with a campaign to save their very cheap cafe from takeover by College's overpriced catering services.
The campaign advertisement

The "RSMU" has launched a petition to save Claud's cafe, a privately run cafe in the Royal School of Mines building. The cafe was under threat last year as part of the Bessemer and Mines refurbishment: College wanted to close it and then re-open it as a College-run common room. Lobbying from the RSM (and a change in refurbishment plans) led to a reprieve in May last year.

The reprieve was short-lived however, with College now pressing ahead with the refurbishment. Claud's is well loved by staff and students alike, particularly because of its cheap prices: tea for 35p is something people in other areas of College can only dream of. Quite why College feels the need to charge over twice this much for a teabag, some water and some milk remains a mystery.

Students yet again have cause to accuse the College of putting profit and commercial interests before the needs of its students (and staff in this case).

Claud's is a friendly environment and a brilliant place to spend time between lectures. Messias and others behind the counter provide a good, individual service, which would definitely be lost should the cafe fall under IC control!
One of the comments on the petition

Live! made requests for more information about Claud's from the RSM last year, and again on the Facebook petition group this year. The Felix Editor had also not received any information (or indeed a tip-off that there was a problem) last week, despite the miners knowing about it since 7th February. The reason for this bizarre lack of communication with the media was explained by one seasoned Guildsman, who commented "they don't really understand computers".

You can sign the online petition against the closure, if you have any idea what Claud's is... At the time of writing 43 people have signed it and 184 people are in the Facebook group.

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Discussion about “RSM Launch Campaign to Save Claud's”

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1. Seb   
Feb 17 2007 19:25

I'm very impressed by the speed at which news travels these days! :D

The reason for delay between first hearing of the planned closure and getting the campaign underway is that it simply takes time - plus we had to be certain of more details before we could start accusing certain parties of acting unfairly. I'm pleased to say that the students and staff are united for this cause and I hope that with the number of signatures coming in already, the Administration will take this matter seriously and Messias, the owner of Claud's Café, will be back with more cheap coffee after renovations are complete.

Feb 18 2007 01:03

Ashley your sources are appalling - tea is only 30p! Coffee is slightly more...

But honestly, where else can you get a sandwich and a hot drink for £1.10? And not even have to order it because Messias knows exactly what you want before you do. Or is that just because I'm predictable?

Feb 18 2007 01:46

The sources are appalling because, even though you lot had a petition together, no-one bothered to let Live! or Felix know the whole story.

4. Claud   
Feb 18 2007 06:26

I don't think a college run cafe would be able to exist in the space Clauds does. So they'd be expanding the cafe to provide the same service we recieve now. But it wouldn't be the same service because the queues would take twice as long to clear. At the moment Messias and the staff at Clauds know all the prices; add up them up in their heads; type one figure into the till (which they all share) and we don't even have to get our swipe cards out! We only have a ten minute break sometimes, speed is important. Plus college wouldn't have Madagascar and re-runs of Ally McBeal playing. And you probably wouldn't be able to text your order to a College run cafe when lectures drag on too long or get Clauds lock-ins!

Feb 18 2007 15:58

I presume Claud's has the relevant license for the films/programmes it is running?

If not, I suggest you don't use that as a selling point in communications with College.

6. Claud   
Feb 18 2007 22:39

I was suffering from sleep deprivation when I wrote that last post, please ignore me. I have an over active imagination.

7. Seb   
Feb 19 2007 08:17

Oh bugger, another Seb.

Feb 19 2007 11:48

And they are both Seb T.


Feb 20 2007 11:16

this place does the best coffee on campus. they actually use a perk


Feb 20 2007 11:22

It is currently the only thing keeping me awake long enough to go to lectures. Strong, black, drinkable coffee!!!! (And sugar to keep my hyper-drive on the go.)

11. Jane   
Feb 20 2007 15:34

But Kirsty, Claud's isn't Fairtrade...

Feb 20 2007 16:39

I'm working on it honestly! Just haven't seen Messias for a while... maybe because I've been working too hard on Fairtrade Fortnight and Election Campaigns...

13. Rosie   
Mar 09 2007 11:04


Messias wants to talk to you about fairtrade I said I'd pass the message on... (can't find you and figure you'd get this before an email)...

Any luck with new phone yet? txt me the number when you get it!!!

Mar 09 2007 12:26

You know you have reached the heights of hackdom/Live! addict when your friends leave messages for you on the discussion board rather than email you!

Mar 09 2007 14:42

Well despite the fact Felix described me as 'the heavily campaigning and all-round hackette' I didn't actually get this message until five hours after I picked up the note Roise left me in SAC. I don't deny it though... I'll go see Messias now.

(btw, thanks for remembering my name has a 'y' on the end Rosi :P)

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