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(Not) Down the Drain

Feb 20 2007 21:44
Ashley Brown
The only thing going down the drains in the union at the moment is the events, with a cement-filled, aging sewage system creaking under the pressure.
Maybe it's time to call in reinforcements?

Friday's ArtsFest After-party had to be cut short after the Union found itself caught short. No serviceable male toilets were available from 00:45, due to the disastrous condition of the Union's sewage system. The event was scheduled to continue for another 75 minutes.

In recent weeks toilets in all parts of the building have been flushing slowly in the evenings and in some circumstances filling completely. The load on Friday evening proved to be too much, putting all of the male toilets out of action and shutting the venue.

The problem had already been identified, with the finger pointed at contractors involved with the redevelopment project pouring cement into the drainage system. Inspections by the contractors themselves have so far not revealed any hardened substance. The precise nature of the problem is expected to be identified and rectified - by the contractor if they are to blame - at some point this week.

Union officers have been pressing College to give the drainage system an overhaul even before it was (allegedly) filled with cement. No-one has seriously looked at it for 50 years when the demand on it was far lower. With additional toilets being added to the building and an increase in capacity thanks to the new doors in da Vinci's, the creaking system is due for improvement.

College are, in typical style, dragging their knuckles along the ground: agreeing in principle but unable or unwilling to take action in a sensible time frame. Repairing the east side male toilets is suffering from the same problem, with the Union having to co-ordinate with contractors via College in order to get anything done.

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Discussion about “(Not) Down the Drain”

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1. Ant   
Feb 20 2007 23:23

Surely an intrusive survey was carried out of the drainage system during the project scope stage, to locate and identify the present condition of the system and highlight any areas that may need excavating and replacing .

After all it would be foolish to renovate a section of a building to later discover that you needed to dig sections of floor up to replace broken pipes, would it not?

2. Ant   
Feb 20 2007 23:27

I'll retract the above as I've been informed a survey had been done...

Obviously the system just a little bit closer to capacity than expected.

Feb 21 2007 11:15

I don't see why the afterparty had to be cut short just cause the gents weren't working. I wanted to keep drinking dammit! Surely they could have let the ladies stay...

Feb 21 2007 15:18

Kirsty, is that you again? Get off Live! and do some campaigning!

Feb 21 2007 23:28

Ha no it isn't. Believe it or not, she's not the only female on Live...

Feb 22 2007 03:24

Or involved in Arstfest... by a long shot!

7. Ben   
Feb 22 2007 09:18

I acccuse Ms Sloyan, in the Physics computer suite, with a keyboard.

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