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Got a Question for the Rector?

Feb 21 2007 12:23
The Union's Rector's Forum on Thursday looks set to be one of the best opportunities to get your voice heard by the most important decision makers in College.
"I cannot comment on that at this time."

Initially just intended as a question and answer with the Rector, the Rector's Forum is now being attended by many of the other Senior College Managers, including the Deputy Rector. If you have a question that you have been dying to ask, or you think that you know of some awful injustice taking place in College then this is the forum for it.

Earlier in the term, at the College Management Board, College demonstrated that they are more than willing to listen to the students? views on issues around College that they might not be aware of. Indeed College acted very quickly on the issue of many PhD students not receiving the recommended London weighting on their funding.

However, maybe you just have some awkward questions you would like to ask the Rector!

  • Now we do not have the BP funding, how will you finance the new building in place of Mech Eng?
  • Who is going to be the next Rector?
  • Why is the slow down sign on Imperial College Road the only example of a sustainable energy policy on our campus?
  • What's going on at Wye?
  • With bright blue and pink already used on our fancy College Buildings, what garish colour can we use next?

The Rector will be at the Union Dining Hall at 17:30 and will present a short presentation from 18:00. After that there will be an opportunity for your questions. All are welcome and there will be free food and drink available.

So, get thinking about your questions!

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Discussion about “Got a Question for the Rector?”

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1. botox   
Feb 22 2007 16:07

does the rector use botox?

2. C.   
Feb 23 2007 00:10

Brief, yet enjoyable.

Feb 23 2007 00:19

If the Rector were an UG student at Imperial, who would he vote for in the upcoming elections?

Feb 23 2007 00:52

Food was yummy!

Rector was funnier, friendler and more interesting than I had been given to expect. Was nice to seem him in real life and now I actually think he is very cool!

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