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Sabb Elections 2007: Voting Now Open

Feb 23 2007 10:17
Ashley Brown
Voting has now opened in the 2007 sabbatical elections, we have links to all the online coverage to aid your decision. Now includes stoic tv's interview with the presidential candidates.
Which one for DPFS?

Voting for next year's sabbaticals and NUS delegates is now open. Live! has been following the sabbatical elections quite closely and we have compiled a list of various sources of online information to help you with your decision. The returning officer, John Collins, actively encouraged the use of Facebook, so links to relevant campaign groups are included too.

All Positions

Live! has all the manifestos and some background information about the candidates:

  • All the Manifestos - manifestos for all the sabbatical candidates who had not pulled out by the deadline. This includes some content which didn't make it to the elections website.
  • An Introduction to the Candidates - a brief introduction by the candidates to their relevant experience and background.


The presidential candidates have received special scrutiny, with ICRadio and stoic tv interviews available. The TV interview is available below, or can be viewed on the stoic tv website.

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The candidates are:

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

The candidates are:

ICRadio have an interview with the candidates available.

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

The candidates are:

  • Alistair Cott
  • Alexander Balikhin (Facebook)
  • RON

ICRadio have an interview with the candidates available.

Deputy President (Education & Welfare)

The candidates are:

ICRadio have an interview with the candidates available.

Felix Editor

The candidates are:


Don't forget to enter to the Live! competition: rank the candidates in the order you think they will come and send them in.

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Discussion about “Sabb Elections 2007: Voting Now Open”

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Feb 23 2007 00:13

Come on Steve! You can do it

Feb 23 2007 00:38

Woah! Look how popular Facebook is!

Feb 23 2007 00:43

Seriously Kirsty, go to bed, or do your degree or something.

Feb 23 2007 00:46

Excellent coverage Ashley! Good luck to all the candidates...

Feb 23 2007 00:49

I'm still in college (in SAC). Sorting out Fairtrade Fortnight. Chris Larvin may or may not still be here but thinks this is embarrassing. :D

Feb 23 2007 00:50

You git.

Feb 23 2007 00:54

You know you love me really! And why am I talking to you when you are sat less than a metre away? Go make me some tea!

Feb 23 2007 10:36

This has now been updated and contains stoic tv's interview with the presidential candidates.

9. Sid   
Feb 23 2007 12:33

I am very impressed with Sophie, I think she should be the union's Press Secretary - she'd be a wonderful spokesperson.

Feb 23 2007 20:52

I'd quite like to see all of the people who aren't final years (ok, not all - two are clearly out and out jokers) involved in some way next year, if they aren't successful...

11. Simon   
Feb 23 2007 22:33

Some of the unsuccessful candidates would be prime for some of the elections at the start of next year...... if they have a true interest in the union rather than simply going for the "popularity contest"

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