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Guilds Tie with RCSU in Paintball

Feb 28 2007 15:56
Nick Simpson
Sunday saw the annual CGCU paintball match, as a team of Guildsmen and women clashed with the RCSU.
The intrepid teams (Photo: Felix)

Sunday started overcast and pretty much remained that way throughout the day. The rain came and went but a rabble of students defied the elements, eagerly waiting outside Beit Towers at 9am in the morning.

Fok prepares for his career as a military dictator (Photo: Emerson Vigoureux)

It soon became apparent the Guilds had won hands down on numbers, boasting an oversized team we generously lent four strapping mechanical engineers to the Scientists. Without any RCSU exec appearing (Fautley was drained after playing hockey for RSM in the Bottle Match and Marrouche had just disappeared) a brave Vigoureux took up the role of captaining the mismatched team.

The first game saw a trousers down thrashing of the Scientists. Opening in a muddy, sapling covered field two outstanding flanking manoeuvres saw the lightening fast Martinez capture the flag as the rest of the Guildsmen outwitted and out shot the Scientists, finishing with no casualties at all. The Scientists slowly started to catch up with a tie, then win then tie as the fight moved into a car strewn yard complete with helpless mannequin to rescue.

Lagging by one game, a speedy Fok helped win a game of speedball after yet another tie as each time embedded themselves behind hay bales. The final match took place in another open field strewn with cover. The higher intellect of the engineers gave them the advantage with another set of flanking manoeuvres seeing fast movement to the flag and exploitation of a gap in enemy lines resulting in another win.

All rested on the final game, Guilds were ahead by one and the scientists could only hope for a win to bring the day to a tie. After a heavy fire fight that saw the engineers lose ground and run out of ammo the Scientists grasped a final win, bringing the day to a draw.

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Discussion about “Guilds Tie with RCSU in Paintball”

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Mar 02 2007 12:50

Interesting that each win or victory by the Engineers is described in terms of brilliant tactics and the superior genetic qualities of its members, while those of the Scientists are a grim slog. Given that the Scientists were outnumbered 12 to 15 throughout the day, perhaps we can commend them for their animal tenacity?

A great day of fun regardless, though. All we need now are for James and Jad to settle the tie in that duel there was talk of.

Oct 25 2007 10:20

when is this event taking place?

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