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Executive Indecisive, Complaint Resolved

Mar 02 2007 16:00
Ashley Brown
A complaint at the centre of the Court dispute has been resolved amicably, with cooler heads bringing the farce to a close.
John Collins at Last Night's Court Hearing

The executive committee met at lunchtime to discuss the outstanding elections complaint, after their previous decision was quashed by the Court. Six voting, non-conflicted members discussed the evidence again.

ICU President John Collins was deemed by a vote of 4-2 to have acted inappropriately towards a candidate following a post attacking him on Live! Mr Collins had apologised very humbly for the email he sent following the post before the meeting and expressed that he regretted his response.

The committee agreed with Mr Collins that the email had not been appropriate, before considering whether to remove him as returning officer. The risk of a further farce followed, where the result was tied at 3-3. Normally the chair of the meeting would take the deciding vote, however to ensure impartiality Danny McGuinness, the Council Chair, had control of the meeting. He is not on the Executive, so was unable to vote.

With no clear decision, it was suggested that there was no choice but to take it to Council, prolonging the issue. After a discussion John Collins decided to stand aside as returning officer, handing control back to Eric Lai. In an email to candidates after the meeting he stated that he had done this to put Exec "out of their misery". Misery is entirely accurate, as the possiblity of prolonging of the pain and dragging in Council caused a considerable amount of concern.

Thankfully the meeting was handled in a mature way, resolving the outstanding complaint and raising the possibility of results being announced - at least for some positions - tonight. Problems still remain, as there is one more complaint to deal with and one of the presidential candidates is out of the country - having not signed his statement of intent.

The farce appears to be over, at least for now.

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Mar 02 2007 17:11

The Farce is dead...

...long live the Farce!

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