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Elections Results Announced (ish)

Mar 03 2007 02:20
Ashley Brown & Nick Simpson
All results except President are now in and the full results have been received. Who's going to be running your Union next year?
The people running the union next year...

At the candidates meeting yesterday evening results for all positions except Union President were announced, due to an outstanding complaint and at least one of the candidates being out of the country and unable to sign the statement of intent.

The '(not really Southwell) slate' have been unsuccessful so far, with no positions secured. However, Andrew Holland did manage to beat Wye-boy Anthony Calder, who suffered in part due to an event which lost £25,000 whilst he was in charge of the Wye union, despite protestations that it was not his fault. Submitting a photo where he looks about twelve probably did Mr Calder no favours either.

With no real Faculty Union of their own, the Royal School of Mines appear keen to take over ICU instead - the DPFS, DPCS and DPEW next year will all be from former RSM departments. Chris Larvin and Kirsty Patterson are both from Geology, with Alistair Cott coming from Materials. Let us hope the fact that they take the easy subjects does not impact on their ability to run the Union.

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

1,474 votes were cast, with 1,220 valid votes and 254 abstentions. New Election was eliminated in the first round. After the transfer of votes the results were:

  1. Chris Larvin (579, Elected)
  2. Hugh Mansfield (252)
  3. Andrew Holland (170)
  4. Anthony Calder (142)
  5. RON (102 in first round, 25 re-allocated, 77 not transferable)

Non transferable votes arise when a candidate is eliminated and no lower preference candidate was stated by that voter.

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

1,386 votes were cast, with 1,151 valid votes and 235 abstentions. Alistair Cott won in the first round:

  1. Alistair Cott (687, Elected)
  2. Alexander Balikhin (300)
  3. RON (164)

Deputy President (Education & Welfare)

1,379 votes were cast, with 1,186 valid votes and 193 abstentions. Kirsty Patterson won in the first round:

  1. Kirsty Patterson (718, Elected)
  2. Aditya Narayanan (319)
  3. RON (149)

Felix Editor

Of all the elections this was the closest. 1,528 votes were cast with 1,400 valid votes and 128 abstentions.

Felix Sinclair and RON were eliminated in the first round.

  1. Thomas Roberts (625, Elected)
  2. Emily Lines (576)
  3. Felix Sinclair (367, some re-distributed)
  4. RON (70, some re-distributed)

Eliminations in the first round led to 199 votes which could not be transferred, as the voters had not listed a lower-preference candidate.

NUS Delegates

1,395 votes were cast, with 12 distinct rounds. There were 1,158 valid votes with 237 abstentions. When multiple people are to be elected under STV there is a quota required to be automatically elected. In this election the quota was 128.67. When votes for a candidate exceed the quota, excess votes are redistributed to the next-preference candidate in proportion - hence decimals can appear, as transferred votes become worth less than one 'full' (first-round) vote.

In the first round:

1) Stephen Brown (261)

2) Omar Hashmi (160)

3) Alexander Guite (158)

After redistribution of excess votes from Stephen Brown and and Omar Hashmi:

4) Ben Harris (130.33)

After redistribution of excess votes from Alexander Guite:

5) Ashley Brown (130.96)

6) Edmund Hunt (126.43)

After redistribution of excess votes from Ashley Brown and Ben Harris and elimination of James Fok, Emma Persky, Kee Ng and Timothy Wilson:

7) Kirsty Patterson (118.27)

Umar Patel was eliminated, with his votes redistributed:

8) Camilla Royle

This gives four anti-NUS (Hunt, A Brown, S Brown and Hashmi) vs four pro-NUS. The Union President John Collins will also join the delegation. New Election had the next highest number of votes, so would have taken the 9th spot had their been one.

Elections Competition

Two people have currently predicted the most positions correctly, with all others being eliminated due to incorrect predictions regarding the Felix Editor. Of course if those two have guessed the next president incorrectly then some people are back in the game!

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Discussion about “Elections Results Announced (ish)”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Mar 02 2007 19:43

I wonder what the NUS think of these results, particularly who came first.

2. Gemma   
Mar 02 2007 20:00

Well since our delegation is mad eup of 6 pro and only 3 anti candidates I think NUS is pretty pleased.

Mar 02 2007 20:23

Our delegation

1.) Stephen Brown - The tartan tory and staunch anti-campaigner.

2.) Omar Hashmi - A member of the A-NUS facebook group.

3.) Kirsty Patterson - Pro

4.) Ben Harris - Pro (sensible)

5.) Alex Guite - Pro (sensible)

6.) Ashley Brown - No campaigner

7.) Camilla Royale - Pro (militant socialist, keeps sending silly papers to council that get ripped apart)

8.) Ed Hunt - Anti campaigner.

9.) John Collins - Pro. But he would never have been elected if he made his views known during his election

Mar 02 2007 23:20

The spelling and grammar in this article is worse than in last year's Felix.

Mar 03 2007 00:47

Last year's Felix was student newspaper of the year!

Fear not, I am back now and have corrected those errors I could spot. More details shortly...

Mar 03 2007 00:53

Just to reply to 'wind up' I think your response will suitably wind some people up. To describe Guite and fluffy as sensible is controversial in the least.

Anyway it doesn't matter which way they're personal views are its all about the power in council which lets be honest is how it should be.

Mar 03 2007 01:20

There's still the issue of "This was a [sic] the closest..."

Mar 03 2007 01:40

yeah there were errors BUT

a) the details were up lightening fast

b) i was actually at work at the time!!

c) are you sure last years felix articles were not from Live! as well (only joking)


9. Simon   
Mar 03 2007 02:11

Felix Ed was always going to be close, and a 50 margin out of 1400 valid voates counts as "close" in my book.

Glad there werent any upsets on any of the other Sab posts, congrats to the winners, and comiserations to the loosers.

Oh, and good job Ashley on getting NUS Delegate! Even more things to do to distract you from "real work"..... i swear you must never sleep!

Now, we still need the big question answered!

Mar 03 2007 02:23

I suppose I should add conference to my diary...

Any delegates interested in contributing to an NUS conference blog-type thing should let me know...

11. Editor   
Mar 03 2007 02:26

Live! had to suspend the usual quality control mechanisms because I was unavailable all evening. Friday evening is an especially daft time to release results, as some of us do find time to go out (I admit, rarely).

I had asked Nick to write and publish a short article on results, but he was pressed into work on little pay by the slave-driving Union, hence the lack of proper proof-reading.

I'm sure you'll debate the merits of fast dissemination of information vs quality of articles. I'd like both, but sometimes you have to pick one.

Mar 03 2007 03:00

There is one more RSM candidate of course... Sophie Spillard! An entirely RSM Sabb team would be a turn up for the books! We might have lost the bottle but we've shown we can win elections. :D

Congratulations to all invovled. We've got there eventually... or nearly...

(Funny how noone noticd the RSM/SAC 'mini-slate' before the announcement of results.)

Mar 03 2007 09:10

What it needs now is for a Live! analyst to present a show on Stoic with the patented "Farce-O-Meter", a bit like what that Snow bloke has on the Beeb but with enough changes so that they can't sue...

"And in the ICU President election here, we can see that we've had a swing from 'Comically Farcical' to 'Almost As Bad As A Presidential Election'..."

Mar 03 2007 10:21

"Let us hope the fact that they take the easy subjects does not impact on their ability to run the Union."


Mar 03 2007 10:26

Harsh but fair, I think you'll agree.

16. Tris   
Mar 03 2007 12:25

Anyway, RSM are guilds. Remember?

Mar 03 2007 12:54

That's the funniest thing I've heard today!

Mar 03 2007 13:32

Perhaps an unnecessary pop at the RSM there...I'll have you know that colouring between the lines is rather taxing. As for Materials...

By the way, Geology isn't a department, it the Department of Earth Science and Engineering.

Guilds? Don't you mean ICFoESU?

19. Sid   
Mar 03 2007 13:55

Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations and best of luck to all the losers (lucky you! you've managed to escape the black hole i.e. ICU)

I was slightly dissapointed by the lack of any serious and visible campaigning, apart from Vote Kirsty t-shirts! A mandate from less than 10% of the union is simply deplorable, its like a closet election - engage the damn students!

Mar 03 2007 16:04

I gave out 1000 fairtrade Chocolate Bars too... Mostly to my Campaign Manager who neglected to tell me they were disappearing more rapidly into her room than to people in the JCR...

Awww bless - I love you really Rosie!

Mar 03 2007 16:31

Sid, I personally had very little time for campaigning as coursework had reached a peak to coincide with elections.

My time was split between campaigning, coursework and of course sorting out the RSM Bottle Match that was held last weekend!

I did however have my friends go around campus encouraging people to vote, and over 600 lollipops were consumed in the process. I reckon you're just disappointed nobody hired out the giant furry animal suits!

Personally, I would have loved to see a much higher turnout, which looks to be a lot lower than last year -

Many thanks to those who voted, congratulations to Kirsty/Ally/Tom, and commiserations to those who didn't. Additionally thanks to my friends who put up with endless nagging and campaigned for me.

I'm looking being exposed on Live! next year for being an incompetent buffoon or something similar (evidently, due to my degree choice).

Bring on the Presidential results!


22. Leah   
Mar 03 2007 16:32

Oh how the RSM continues to rule! Love it :D

Muchas congratos to all those elected.

23. Sid   
Mar 03 2007 16:35

Who own's ya?

Who own's ya?

Who own's ya?

24. pedant   
Mar 03 2007 19:08




Why didn't you run for Felix editor?

25. Sid   
Mar 03 2007 19:50


Mar 04 2007 11:40

Haha, the Union is in the hands of SAC! I wonder what will happen now? These are my predictions:

  • That funky "SAC pod" thing in phase 2 of the redevelopment being rushed forward
  • a throne for Aziz
  • a member of staff to fill up the water so Kirsty doesn't have to do it
  • Good computers
  • a pigeon hole for every club
  • take over the coffee room from the Chaplaincy
  • a CSC office Goddamnit

On a final note, I will very dissapointed if being a Sabb means you guys will spend less time in SAC, move down to the basement and give your offices upstairs to Phil, Robin and Nigel!

When I'm in Durham next year I'm going to decorate my room so that it looks identical to SAC...maybe I will not recreate the smell though

Mar 04 2007 12:38

I like filling up the water. :D

Either we will have to move our offices downstairs or Chris, Alistair and I will have to make room for Aziz upstairs.

I think you will find we all drink TEA! (White no sugar). An eat mint imperials. :D

We should put up a life size cut out of James in SAC which we can move to the bar as appropriate...

A better headline for this article could have been "Election Results are in the SAC". *Giggle* No I didn't come up wth that all by myself....

Mar 04 2007 14:46

Now that we've lost three part-time staff members, anyone interested in manning the desk, making cups of tea, getting abuse from sports captains, watching the minibus fleet fall apart, putting post in the wrong pigeon-holes, shouting at the photocopier, breaking the till so that it makes annoying beeping noises and crashing the Union database...please get in touch with Phil or Robin. Pay is competitive (if you're an illegal immigrant) and working conditions are pleasant (the air-conditioning may work once in a while).


The Student Activities Centre

29. Simon   
Mar 04 2007 16:12

Give Aziz the President's office, and just don't announce the results for the post...... everyone knows that the President doesn't DO anything anyway!


Mar 04 2007 16:37

Still no word on the Presidential result?

Mar 04 2007 17:34

Like they work the weekend.

32. erk   
Mar 04 2007 21:19

apparently steve might not even do it if he wins

33. Simon   
Mar 04 2007 21:42

If he isnt certain he wants to do the job, why the HELL is he running? "erk", is this first hand, second hand, or "i heard a mate in the pub say" info?

I'm guessing if the winner declines it goes to the 2nd place (ect, ect), or do we get a re-run?

If he wins, and turns the job down, then that will make this election even more of a complete an UTTER farce than it already is.

Mar 04 2007 21:42

Oh I think he will. I don't think he would have bothered campaigning if he had no intention of taking up the position. Also, I don't think he would do that as it would p*** a lot of people off.

Mar 04 2007 23:13

As far as I remember, (one part of) the point of the Statement of Intent was for everyone to declare that they are willing to take up the position if they are elected. If a candidate is unwilling to take up the position they can always withdraw before the count. That's my understanding anyways.

36. Unsure   
Mar 05 2007 00:04

Martin, you're right on that one. I'm also pretty sure that you can end up facing college disciplinary if you mess elections around like that but I'm struggling to find the evidence for it.

Regardless, I can't believe anyone would so stupid as to go through elections and then change their mind... Surely not...

Mar 05 2007 09:54

The other day i got a text message from a concerned Miner which reads as follows:

"James, i heard that the only reason the election results haven't been announced is that Sophie won and they're desperately trying to find a way to make it void"

Now THAT is good gossip

Mar 05 2007 10:00

Good gossip but probably complete and utter tosh. There has been no announcement as there is an outstanding statement of intent from one of the candidates who has buggered off to France. Sophie may well win, but there is no conspiracy to cover that fact up.

Mar 05 2007 10:05

Darn! They found out...

40. pip   
Mar 05 2007 10:08

the statement says you can give 1 month's notice and quit. so if he gave it before june he'd never have to start

41. Steve   
Mar 05 2007 14:50

Sorry erk, if I win you are stuck with me.

Mar 05 2007 17:51

I have a question for Ashley. Howcome you haven't mentioned the name of the missing presidential candidate on here, yet you have asked of the candidates website on a public facebook group? I won't reveal the name but ideally it would have been nice if the the results were just published ASAP. Its not as if the candidate is going to suceed anyway

Mar 05 2007 18:07

You'll notice that Live! hasn't mentioned names of any of the candidates involved in the farce so far, except to indicate that they are standing or that they won - the same applies here.

It doesn't seem fair to name one candidate when other candidates with outstanding complaints wouldn't be mentioned at the same time. It makes little difference either: even if a candidate might have little chance of winning, that doesn't mean the count should be made without them having filled in the statement of intent.

44. Simon   
Mar 05 2007 20:25

Does that mean the count itself canot take place without all statements being signed, or just the results of the count canot be released?

If the former, then im guessing the raw data must be under tightly held lock and key at Beit Towers somewhere......

Mar 05 2007 20:41

if by which you mean the union server, then yes.

46. C.   
Mar 06 2007 01:15

The count for President itself CANNOT begin until all Statement of Intents are signed...this means any issues relating to the elections must be resolved....we may be in for a wait...

The raw data is held by Mr Union Server, good luck trying to access it without authorised...


Mar 06 2007 05:56

Two points:

(a) "The count" pretty much consists of Mr Returning Officer pressing a button, does it not?

(b) "i heard that the only reason the election results haven't been announced is that Sophie won and they're desperately trying to find a way to make it void" - If the Union was going to cover up a result, they'd save it for something truly disastrous, like the students voting to affiliate to the NUS...

Mar 06 2007 12:37

I bet its in Dave Parry's mind. IN HIS MIND.

We could probably extract it with a Ferret

Mar 06 2007 18:31

I think we have got to the point where whoever has not signed their form shoulld be diciplined (or disqualified). It is a disgrace that 1 person can halt our election process in this way. If it is an outstanding complaint then he(or she) should put up some hard evidence or shut up, sign the form and allow the votes to be counted.

Mar 06 2007 22:27

Just to make things clear I have signed the form so do not blame yet another farce on me or the rest of "the slate".

As far as I know there is still an outstanding complaint which I have nothing to do with.

Speculate all you want...

Mar 07 2007 00:35

I can now confirm that an elections complaint has been received and the results will be published as soon as it is resolved.



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