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Results Announcement Tomorrow

Mar 07 2007 12:46
Ashley Brown
The results of the presidential election will finally be released tomorrow at noon in da Vinci's.
Farce Wars indeed...

An outstanding complaint by one of the presidential candidates, believed to involve campaign sabotage by someone not running for election, looked like it would delay election results until at least Thursday evening. This complaint has now been resolved and the final statement of intent signed, with results certain to be announced at noon tomorrow, 8th March.

The farce season is continuing with faculty union and ICU officer elections. Nominations are still open so if you were planning to stand or second, please do so soon!

To the relief of everyone involved, the rare occasion of concurrent farces will not occur this year.

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Discussion about “Results Announcement Tomorrow”

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Mar 07 2007 14:35

If the Elections Committee is able to resolve the complaint on Thursday when they meet and the results can be announced immediately.

Mar 07 2007 17:35

The final statement of intent has been signed with the complaint resolved or dropped. Presidential election results will be announced tomorrow at 12pm in da Vinci's.

Mar 07 2007 17:53

The complaint was resolved, not dropped.

4. Simon   
Mar 07 2007 21:12

I wonder what can actually be done if the sabotage is not by another candidate (and by extension his campaign team).

Cant punish the other candidates as it isnt their fault, but the victimization could cost someone an election. and a re-run would be just as much a farce, and have even lower turnout.


Mar 07 2007 21:31

If the committee decided it was serious enough, you'd have to re-run it. Trouble is, you might not be able to tell if it was likely to have an effect without counting the votes first (e.g. if there were 50 votes in it, it may have a different, 500 it is unlikely).

It's also an offence which could lead to a College disciplinary.

More interesting question: what do you do if its someone who holds a union position? Sack them? Caution them?

6. Simon   
Mar 07 2007 22:14

Interfering with the fair and democratic process by which Union elections take place?

That's not just messing around with someone personally, its messing around with the Union and its students in the process. Not exactly a caution-able offense in my book, whoever it might be, as they have obviously proven that they aren't much of a Union officer.

7. Hmmm   
Mar 07 2007 22:41

And what if they've already been formally cautioned numerous times??

Mar 07 2007 22:47

Maybe we should start assigning letters to avoid confusion...

Mar 08 2007 00:28

Sometimes when reading Live! I wonder if lots of people know all the gossip, or whether a small number of poeple do and they just post under aliases.

I can proudly say if it don't say James Millen it ain't James Millen

Mar 08 2007 03:56

This isn't James Millen. Or is it?

Mar 08 2007 09:09


ahem... the profanity filter appears not to be on the proper election-season setting...

Mar 08 2007 10:26

We all know who we're talking about here. "Resolved", eh? I wonder what kind of behind-the-scenes dealing took place to placate the complainant.

13. Placid   
Mar 08 2007 11:07

Particularly one who is so difficult to 'placate'.

Mar 08 2007 11:08

I didn't say "if it says James Millen it is James Millen"

Mar 08 2007 11:22

There was no behind-the-scenes dealing.

Mar 08 2007 11:49

"There was no behind-the-scenes dealing"

Hurrah! The Union works!

Mar 08 2007 14:47

I like to brush my hair and bake cookies.

18. Simon   
Mar 09 2007 01:18

good for you James, any chance of cooking up a batch for Tues, council looks like it might last a while.

at what stage do they start sending down for Pizza?

Mar 09 2007 09:42

You could leave your order with me and I'll bring it over when my concert finishes. Grrr...

After waiting nearly a month for the Fairtrade University Policy to stay on a council agenda it is finally accepted into a meeting which CLASHES WITH A CONCERT I'M PLAYING IN!!!!

Sorry rant over... I was looking forward to this council meeting.

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