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Presidential Results Announced

Mar 08 2007 12:27
Ashley Brown
The announcement may be a week late, but Stephen Brown is to be the next ICU President.
Anti-NUS champion Stephen Brown

After a long and drawn out series of complaints, all the election results are now in. Stephen Brown will be the next ICU President after his victory in the elections. Turnout looks to be down on last year by some 400 votes, despite a number of "normal" students in the running rallying wider support.

Your sabbatical team next year will be:

  • President - Stephen Brown
  • Deputy President (Finance & Services) - Chris Larvin
  • Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) - Alistair Cott
  • Deputy President (Education & Welfare) - Kirsty Patterson

Total RSM domination has been averted, with Sophie Spillard being unsuccessful.

Results in Full

1,656 votes were cast with 128 abstentions. 650 votes were needed to win. RON was eliminated in the first round, with only 26 of 76 votes being eliminated (50 people voted RON as their first-choice candidate). Gianuzzi, Spillard and Geraldes were eliminated next.

  1. Brown - (705 final round)
  2. Matthews (595 final round)
  3. Geraldes (185 second round, some re-distributed)
  4. Spillard (147 second round, some re-distributed)
  5. Giannuzzi (101 second round, some re-distributed)
  6. RON (76 first round, some re-distributed)

Shockingly, Geraldes came in third place despite his "joke" campaign, or perhaps because of it. Brown took a narrow victory of 110 votes - almost the same size as his victory in the NUS delegate elections.

Results for other positions were announced last week.

Elections Competition

In the Live! elections competition, only one person predicted both first and second place people in every election - some strange person called Ashley Brown. In the interests of fairness, the prize goes to the second placed person, the only one to predict all the winners correctly. Congratulations to Emily Lines!

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Discussion about “Presidential Results Announced”

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1. Thom   
Mar 08 2007 13:36

Well done Steve!

2. chris   
Mar 08 2007 13:38

does this mean we can leave NUS now?

3. Simon   
Mar 08 2007 13:42

You mean Emily predicted that she would LOSE?

How strange!

4. emily   
Mar 08 2007 13:55

figured I might be able to get something out of it either way :)

what's my prize?

5. Hmm   
Mar 08 2007 14:29

'Turnout looks to be down on last year by some 400 votes, despite a number of "normal" students in the running rallying wider support.'

Normal students don't attract turnout, giant furry animals do!

Mar 08 2007 14:57

Well done to Mr Brown, well done also the other candidates in particular Jon Matthews who came close, and who remained dignified throughout. Good luck to all.

Mar 08 2007 18:39

This is quite a good way to deal with the problem of two-year sabbaticals. Felix columnists are the only people who get more exposure than sabbaticals which puts them in a great position come election time.

8. huh   
Mar 09 2007 09:29

does this mean jon matthews is going to start is $10m job managing golf courses in the pacific rim while using his private jet to attend council and ensure that union isn't falling to pieces while he's not around?

Mar 09 2007 11:49


je suis beninois heleve en classe de seconde. j'ai 16 .j'aimerais correspondre avec vous. merci

Mar 09 2007 12:18

I hope Jon's private jet has two seats and enough room for my clubs... I wanna play these courses ;)

11. wtf?   
Mar 09 2007 12:21

I hardly think Steve (bless him!) won because of his wonderful thoughts on various aspects of life as seen in Felix, but merely as enough people thought he was a more credible and better candidate than the others.

Mar 09 2007 14:09

or maybe because hes a tory... switching from raving labour to raving tory, seems like IC is a predictor for the whole country...

13. hmm   
Mar 09 2007 14:24

"raving labour "

Huh? Last time I looked it was Nu-Labour, hardly a bastion of hardcore labour values...

14. hmm..   
Mar 09 2007 14:28

The electorate certainly had a very diverse selection of conservatives to choose from in this election.

I don't think any of their manifestos were outrageously right-wing though. You don't exactly have to be Robert Kilroy-Silk to have Mr Brown's opinions of the NUS.

Mar 10 2007 14:35

but he is a member

Mar 11 2007 01:10

Hmmm I do wonder why someone would bother posting under my name...

For future reference fakers, my email is and not . You tool.

Mar 12 2007 00:33

I was wondering why you weren't using your usual pseudonym. Now we have a Chris fake and a James Millen fake. Either that or there are more than one of each of them. Or they are posting from parallel dimensions. And I need to stop posting on Live!. :S

18. jess   
Mar 12 2007 20:16

isn't the new president pretty in his picture? yay steve. grow a beard.

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