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RCSU Hold Quadruple Celebration

Mar 13 2007 09:51
The Dark Knight
Friday night saw the RCSU host a quadruple celebration at the Ritz, with a party for the Centenary, celebrating their first year, the opening of their new office and the Science Challenge.
The three Faculty Union presidents at the Ritz

RCSU capitalised on their party at the Ritz with a multiple celebration on Friday evening.

Members of the RCSU and Faculty of Natural Sciences in the new office

A new office

The partying started at 4pm with the opening of their new office, with Faculty Principal Peter Knight cutting the ribbon. Members of the RCSU Exec spent the previous weekend refurbishing the office, including the restoration of a wooden notice board from the old RCSU office which was converted into a garage for C&G Kart Club a couple of years ago.

Science Challenge Final

The long-awaited Science Challenge results were announced at 6pm, with the £2,500 top prize going to Naaman Tammuz from Physics. In the schools competition, Mark Nicholson from Reading School took the top prize.

RCSU President Jad Marrouche told Live!:

"Although we can only guess what the most significant advance over the next 100 years will be, we do know that scientists will have to communicate their work more clearly than ever before. We had a huge range of excellent entries from over 180 schools and 200 Imperial students, demonstrating an optimism and ingenuity to meet the challenges of the next century."

The Ritz

Jezebel carries finalists and judges to The Ritz

Two hundred people made their way to the Ritz by tube, cab or Fire Engine, the RCSU motorised mascot Jezebel being on hand to take 24 judges and finalists to the evening's entertainments.

Guests glugged down champagne, with none left a mere hour after starting and the wine disappearing an hour or so after that. Proof, if any were needed, that students are capable of consuming terrifying amounts of alcohol in not much time at all.

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Discussion about “RCSU Hold Quadruple Celebration”

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Mar 14 2007 16:43

it was beeeeautiful

2. anon   
Mar 16 2007 16:08

where are the rest of the pictures, and why were we chucked out at 10.30???

Mar 16 2007 16:29

was it because someone threw up?

4. anon   
Mar 19 2007 13:07

I believe someone may have done, but that really cant be the reason! I mean it could have been food poisoning from the RAW sushi?!

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